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2017 - A Year in Review with WeedPornDaily

2017 has been brutal for WeedPornDaily, as we close out the year strong with energy for the next year- this upcoming year also marks our 10 Year Anniversary creating cannabis media & content. We wanted to wrap up the year for just in case you missed it. A lot of fresh new content, stronger & more coordinated than ever.

Events We Attended

  • MJU High Dining January 2017 Sushi & Doobie 1 Patients Perspective[x]
  • BIG Show LA Mood Video [x]
  • CannaCool Lounge 2017 [x]
  • Kushstock Spring 2017 Podcast: [x]
  • Abracadabs Festival March 2017 Event Overview [x]
  • Podcast [x]
  • High Times Cannabis Cup 4/20 Weekend Overview Video: [x]
  • Piece of Mind OC Overview Video : [x]
  • Culinary and Cannabis Cannabis Cooking Classes Summer Series Overview: [x]
  • Video Highlights: [x]
  • Latinos for Cannabis Tapas and Buds Video Overview: [x] Brand Coverage: [x]
  • MJU High Dining Fall 2017 Sushi Doobie 2 [x]
  • The Emerald Exchange Photo Highlights [x]
  • The State of Cannabis Photo Highlights [x]
  • The Cannabis Social Photo Highlights at Yamashiro LA [x]
  • Kushstock Festival Fall 2017 Photo Highlights [x]
  • High Times SoCal Harvest Cup Photo Highlights [x]
  • Constellations Long Beach Photo Highlights [x]

Where We Have Been Featured

  • High Times Magazine Our Pug Gif from 2012 [x][x]
  • Poland Legalizes Medical Cannabis Announcement Article, Header [x]
  • DC Network Cannabis 101: Beyond the Bowl - Guide, Header [x]
  • Marijuana Moment Marijuana Saves Lives [x]
  • Marijuana Industry News -Why Statistics Canada Is Going to Study Recreational Cannabis [x]
  • The Fresh Toast [x]
  • The Weekend Box [x]
  • University of Calgary [x]
  • ABC2News Video Preview [x]
  • WeedDaily Header [x]
  • The FreshToast Header [x]
  • Psychedelic Times [x]
  • Green Light Law [x]
  • California Marijuana Policy [x]
  • Marijuana Industry News [x]
  • Psychedelic Times [x]
  • LeafBuyer [x]
  • KALW San Fran [x]
  • Marijuana Moment Newsletter [x]
  • Cannatech [x][x]
  • Unjunkified [x]
  • Newburgh Gazette [x]
  • Kana - Isreal - In Hebrew [x]

Events We Were Invited To Speak At

@MrsWPD speaking at the Alchemy Lounge Media Talk
  • The Alchemy Lounge Cannabis Media [x]
  • MEGASESH Advocacy & Building an Inclusive Community [x]

Products We Reviewed & Unboxed


  • Cannaoil Co Unboxing: [x] Pesto Pizza Video: [x] Recipe: [x] Garlic Spread Video: [x] Recipe: [x]
  • HINESS Sampling: [x]

Smoking Tools

  • Monsoon Pipe Pre-Review: [x]
  • Unboxing: [x] Review: [x]
  • Stealth Pipe [x]
  • Yocan Vape [x]
  • Ooze Magma Unboxing: [x]
  • Nail Crown Flower Edition Unboxing: [x]

Cannabis Products

  • Pureness Oil Review [x]
  • TerpX Banangie [x]
  • Bubba Kush [x] Purple AK [x]
  • CBD Living Disposable CBD Vape [x]
  • The Cannaid [x]
  • Foreman Farms Hash Infused Blunt [x]


  • Bud and Bloom Club [x]

In Case You Missed It:

Med-X Cannabis Farm


  • Introduce Your Guest to Ganja this Holiday Season [x]
  • Weeds' Worse Nightmare: Green Friday - Accidentally Buying Year Old Weed [x]
  • Cannabis Legalization Embodies My Generations Struggle [x]
  • Smoking Cannabis in a Castle with Hollywood's Elite [x]
  • Cannabis & Meal Prep [x]
  • Tumblr Deleted Stoner Sunday, Verizon Buyout [x]


  • Coachella Bans Cannabis: [x]
  • Youtube VS. Twitch, Cannabis Acceptance [x]
  • Jungle Boys Get Sued [x]
  • Banned from Credit Card Processing NOT SELLING ANY CANNABIS [x]
  • Cannacool Lounge [x]

We really appreciate all of the collaborators that worked with us this year as well as all the super stoners that said HIGH! to us at events and toked it up with us. It was so much fun.

Please make sure to follow us on all of our new social media for the year.

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As well as our cannabis design studio Stay Regular Design & Development.

Cheers. See you for 2018.
Stay Regular, Super Stoners.

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