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CBD Living Vapes Review

CBD in a vape, it's an awesome mix. It's a portable, discreet, and effortless way to take a long drag of vaporized cannabidiol. But does CBD actually taste good? And does it actually get you high? We tested out 3 different flavored CBD vapes from CBD Living Water and we're here to report back our findings.

The vapes are disposable, with a small, removable 300mg cartridge preloaded on top. The oil is a mixture of 150mg of CBD, and 150mg of natural plant terpenes, organic MCT oil, and other cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN). The MCT oil was a nice touch, I'm not a fan of the itchy throat or possible lipid pneumonia you can get from PG and VG. We got 3 different flavors: Natural, Tangie, and Bubblegum. No buttons on this vape, you just suck on the top and the vaporizer activates with a soft glow on the bottom. The vaporizer itself is well made, doesn't feel or act cheap, giving you consistent clouds each puff. And the vape comes packaged in a plastic container similar to electronics like an SD card. CBD Living Water does a great job of creating a solid branding, and evoking trust with big, bold statements like "Free of metals, pesticides, and toxins".

The big question is: what does CBD taste like? Some people will tell you cherry, others might tell you grass. Based off these vapes, it's grassy. I'm not sure exactly what the pure CBD oil tastes like, since none of the vapes are 100% CBD and mixed with flavors. But I can say the Natural flavor, and even in the back end of the Tangie and Bubblegum, you get an old, dry, lemon and wheat grass taste. It's not that tasty, and lingers in your mouth after each hit. The flavor took me right back to smoking from a hookah and the flavored tobacco you usually pack inside. Not bad, but I have higher expectations from a cannabis derived product.

In terms of the flavors, they missed the mark. I'm a huge fan of Tangie and this was not Tangie. It tasted more like a generic citrus oil they use in air fresheners, it didn't have that unique tangerine skunky profile of Tangie. Orange Kush or Citrus Sap would've been more appropriate titles. And the Bubblegum was atrocious. If the natural CBD flavor was hard to handle, the Bubblegum makes it unbearable, adding a incredibly fake tasting gum flavor on top of everything. And it sticks with you! The flavor is inescapable as an aftertaste on your tongue. Definitely bring an Arizona with these.

If you can get past the taste, it's a decent vape. After a few puffs my body felt more relaxed, and I got a slight surge of energy (possibly from the circulatory metabolization of the MCT oil). It's nothing compared to taking a single puff off a vape with high concentrations of THC, but that's also not the point of consuming CBD. The inherent subtle nature of CBD makes it incredibly difficult to give you an accurate gauge of how accurate the potency is, and what kind of effects it elicits. It's very low key, you won't even feel high. It's something I'd recommend to someone who doesn't smoke weed, or is scared of feeling "different" or "high".

I love the concept of CBD in a vape, but I'm not sure if it was executed the best here. The vape itself worked fine, the CBD was there, the only thing that screws up the experience is the taste. It was disappointing to have such poorly tasting terpenes, especially in a world where I'm tripping over 'terp sauce' in dispensaries. This is a product that could be a game changer, I foresee CBD vapes as an alternative to cigarettes, nicotine patches, or even smoking THC. If you're interested in smoking, but care about the effects on your body, vaping CBD is an excellent way to minimize the carcinogens your consuming. And in that regard, flavor probably won't matter as much, especially if you're used to smoking chemical-laden tobacco sticks.

This vape gets a 5/10 in our books, for it's solid approach and gnarly aftertaste. With some better terps, this could be a stellar product.