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Canna-classes: Learn to Cook with Cannabis

From the basics to advance infusion techniques with the help of Culinary and Cannabis.

One of the toughest battles cannabis faces in the mainstream is safe consumption and approachability.

For years non-stoners have been plagued with propaganda from jumping off balconies or cops getting baked from pot brownies. Now- the public has a chance to embrace cannabis as another tool in their kitchen.

Culinary and Cannabis is the brain child of Tamara Anderson, registered nurse and CEO of Sugar & Spyked, a dessert catering company. She was inspired by the potential to entertain while educating on a confusing and sometimes difficult to approach topic, cannabis.

Many events happen every week throughout the country inspired by cannabis but this summer if you are in California, every weekend Culinary and Cannabis is hosting Canna-Classes Summer Series featuring a wide variety of “canna-chefs”. (You can see more classes here on her main site).

We were invited to sit in on the first set of classes on Saturday July 15 at the creative playground Pamplona 89. You can see footage of the space on our Youtube Channel here. All of the classes are in the afternoon and are completed in a few hours. Students have a chance to be up close and personal with the chefs to ask the real questions while sampling different infused treats.

Class with Cannabis Cheri
Class with Cannabis Cheri

Cheri Sicard The first class to welcome in the two month series was Cheri Sicard, cannabis food writer, activist and instructor. The long time dedicated cannabis activist educated us on the ease of utilizing what we already had in our own kitchens to start making our own edibles at home. The task of creating cannabis infused olive oils & butters was made very simple and approachable.

Chef Millie Fernandez Rock Star Chefz
Chef Millie Fernandez Rock Star Chefz

Chef Millie Fernandez serves up Pochteca with Hibiscus After a lunch break, new students arrived for the second class of the day with Rock Star Chefz- Chef Millie Fernandez. Chef Milz treated us to CBD Jello Shots right off the back to get us ready for an intense class sampling through a range of THC and CBD cocktails. Chef Milz was exuberant and excited to share personal cannabis infusions. Cocktails of Pocthteca Spirits with lime, hibiscus, and coconut alongside beautifully rimmed with Bhosco710 Dabjin THC-infused seasonings. It's a great course to start the weekend with a couple friends, then take an Uber out to party. These classes are happening every Saturday, starting on July 15 through August 26, located throughout the Los Angeles county area. The next class on July 22 is with Chef Matthew Stockard of Ganja Eats headlining infused Mocktails (not featuring alcohol). You can learn more by visiting the Culinary and Cannabis instagram page or purchasing tickets from

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