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Take a Chance on Cannabis with High Dining

Something to always keep in mind when apart of the cannabis community is that it is full of a wide range of opportunities regardless of who you are. Many people ask us how we are able to attend so many events- we go to events for work to bring you the latest and insight into the world of cannabis. We attend as “press”, we spend our time working through the event. A lot of the time you take on the role of a distant third party to keep perspective. Rarely getting in the action directly.

This is where you come in. You can also be apart of your local cannabis community! Even attend these events if you are in a medicinal or recreationally legal state! The best way to get involved is through pure participation and perseverance. The best chance is the one taken.

Full disclosure, we planned to attend the Sushi & Doobie event by MJU High Dining as press. I saw a giveaway by one of the main sponsors, Foreman Farms, providing a VIP ticket by simply reposting and tagging them. Lucky enough I won the ticket. Many of these giveaways and opportunities do appear very last minute, so if you find an event you like, spend a moment to follow the main event account to check out all of the event sponsors on social media like twitter, instagram & snapchat.

When working an event we normally do not get direct experiences & watch with hungry eyes. We would have normally not have prepared the delicious DIY Crunchy Roll. It was an excellent and unique opportunity to be a student of Chef Victor while Oscar had to work all night. A night of new experiences for me.

The event took place in Santa Ana, we arrived at the event then pregamed with our Ooze Magma. Excellent for dank dabs while without a torch & on the go. Due to the event being in Santa Ana there were restrictions of cannabis sales, but MJU High Dining has hosted their events across Southern California with different regulations where different vendors have shared a delicious range of accoutrements, you can check out our coverage of the very first MJU High Dining on our site here [x].

We were greeted at the door with a check in. Received our stuffed vip goodie bag along with a personalized beautiful oragami crane with my name in gold. Perfect to mark my spot before the class begins. Being a VIP student I was able to sit up front next to Sensei, Chef Victor [x]. Alongside myself was the delightful Miss Ashley Manta of Cannasexual [x] with birthday girl & cannabis matchmaker Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted [x], making for an extra fun class. There were lots of interesting characters from the industry attending this night. It was a great way to mix and mingle with sushi h’orderves while puffing at the Brite Labs [x] Pax Vape sampling lounge.

Before our sushi, we got to the doobies. Hummingbird Medicinals [x] was our featured farm of the night, having serviced MJU High Dining since day one. The bud was a very fresh crop. Starting with the meme queen Rachel “Wolfie” Wolfson [x] leading off with the basics to Chef Victor leading the main rolling. Once everyone was situated with a joint we got the low down from our hostess of the night Miss Keiko Beatie[x] dressed in full Kimono. We learned about our main infusion products of the night both Pot D’Huile [x] and Papa & Barkley [x]. Pot D’Huile is a infused strain specific boutique cannabis olive oil then infused with Papa & Barkley’s CBD Tinctures into a soy based sauce.

Chef Victor lead the class through a more untraditional crunchy roll. Delicious, refreshing and not heavy with oil. The bright and tasting doobie complimented the rolls. A satisfying recipe that was quick and approachable for us to try at home. The class leaves you with all the skills (and equipment!) to try at home for your own sushi night. Finally at the end of the night the dessert sushi was ready by Pepper & Company [x]. Cute little take aways to round out the night alongside tunes by DJ Jack Pharaoh [x].

We enjoyed the excellent music, edibles, doobies and overall incredible experience beyond our typical documentation perspective. Thank you again for Foreman Farms for the dank opportunity to participate in my first MJU High Dining class.

Sign up for the MJU High Dining newsletter to get the latest news of upcoming events and deals here [x]. Learn more about the women behind the magic at MaryJane University [x]and Faerie Jane [x]. The next event being hosted for MJU High Dining is their Moveable Feast on Nov. 4 visit the MJU High Dining site for more.

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