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Foreman Farms Hash Infused Palm Leaf Blunt

I'm a blunt guy, so I love any excuse to chief down a fatty boombatty. Sprinkle some hash in it? I'm already there with a lighter. That's why it was a pleasure getting to blaze down one of Foreman Farm's hash-infused palm leaf blunts. We received a glass vial filled with one of their beefy blunts in our Sushi and Doobie goodie bag. I enjoyed a super smooth, long lasting smoke - only to discover an incredibly underwhelming high at the end of my ashy trails.

The blunt we received was stuffed with a finely ground, light green ganja - presumably Sunset Sherbet. It's hash infused, according to the packaging, but I couldn't say how much there was (without ruining such a well rolled blunt). The blunt had a regular sized filter, rolled in a spiral like pattern. It came in a cork topped glass vial, which actually cracked on me somehow (dropping it on the table maybe?). It cracked near the rim, where the cork pops in. It'd be no biggie, if I didn't find little glass shards in the vial after. Don't want to smoke any of that.

Sparking the blunt was simple, just light away - no need to flame the tip or any other common cannagar technique. Pulls were pretty solid, not airy, but not too tight. It burned down at a great rate, you could easily pass this around a few times between 3-4 people. I was able to get a good amount of smoke with each draw. And have I mentioned how smooth the smoke is? I toked this thing down to the top of the filter and didn't reach for a glass of water once.

The only thing missing was the Sunset Sherbet. The flavor and high just weren't there for me. Despite all the smooth smoke, and hash, I couldn't grasp a strong impression of the flavor profile. Just kinda smokey and burnt grassy. The high was a similar, non-existent note. After an entire blunt, I felt the urge to smoke a fat bong hit or take a dab. It didn't leave me feeling as faded as I would smoking a regular 1.5g blunt to the face.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. If you're looking to go to flavor town and get zooted, this isn't the blunt for you. But if you want a relaxing blunt to pass around friends that won't wreck their throats or send anyone into panic attacks - blaze one of these bad boys. I personally would have liked at least a better flavor. I could live without getting super stoned (microdosing, I get it man), but it felt like there was something missing from the experience without it. The Foreman Farms Sunset Sherbet hash infused palm leaf blunt gets an 4.5/10 in our books. Solid smoke, but missing the bang of a blunt.