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Patient’s Perspective of MJU High Dining | Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop

A major shift in the cannabis community has made it’s place in the last few months. Cannabis events are getting elevated, higher if you will. A club under the Mary Jane University [ @MaryJaneUniversity ] umbrella, MJU High Dining [ @MJUHighDining ] host events across southern California for the finer medical marijuana patient. MJU High Dining this last weekend hosted their Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop at the Goosefire Gallery [ @goosefiregallery ] located in Westminster. The guest chef of the night was Chef Victor [ @ChefVictorian ] educating the attendees on how to roll a dank maki.

The Goosefire Gallery is an iconic location featured by Chubbs [ @AskChubbs ], home to some of the most incredible artist and functional glass in the OC. Convenient parking and a swift sign-in allowed for easy check in for the patients. The attendees all received a gift bag featuring multiple sponsors upon arriving.

The first portion of the event was a toke and mingle. Chef Victor and his team provided crispy Alaskan king crab topping watermelon in wu-ponzu liquor garnished with a spicy mustard, miso, leek and freshly ground sesame sauce infused with the prime sponsor Honey Pot infused honey [ @honeypotbear420 ]. Also featured as the main beverage of the night, a tap of Honey Pot Tea Pot cannabis infused tea was available. A warm blend that didn’t overpower the palate.

There were lots of community joints being passed around by Hummingbird Medicinals [ @hummingbirdmedicinals ] It was left and right I was being offered a puff. It was very welcoming and no pressure. The music was all feel good. I felt zero judgment for my choice of medicating and being around others who were being themselves.

After the entire sold out event attendees filled their stations, Chef Victor took the stage leading the group in rolling a solid maki, a classic rolled sushi. Each student was able to get one on one time with Chef Victor to check on their roll and technique. After everyone was able to finish and enjoy their sushi the doobie rolling demo began. Hummingbird Medicinals paired a special grapefruit strain to this meal. Everyone got a hefty nug to match their provide Hakuna [ @HakunaSupply ] grinders and the Elements Rice Paper joints (a personal fave). Even Chef Victor made sure to add a crutch to our fine joints, everyone was buzzing with laughter and positive energy discussing their skill and process. It was wonderful to see everyone helping each other and passing doobies.

It was hard to contain all of the excitement and bring everyone back to round out the evening. It was a swift close but a lingering feeling as we were able to continue to toke at the back glass station fitted with a Hitman rig and enail before finishing our high vibes touring the amazing glass gallery at the front of Goosefire.

The MJU High Dining Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop took place from 4:00 - 8:00 PM on Saturday January 14 at the Goosefire Gallery in Westminster. MJU High Dining is a cannabis club open & free to join at Make sure to follow them on Instagram @mjuhighdining for the next event coming soon in Southern California.

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