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Cannabis Infused – Roasted Garlic Spread Recipe

Roasted Garlic Spread Infused with Extra Virgin Infused Olive Oil featuring CannaOil Co. | Preptime:5 minutes | Cooking time: 35 minutes##### Ingredients

-A Head of Garlic -Cannabis Infused Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Salt & Pepper

Materials Necessary

-Aluminum Foil -Sharp Knife

  1. Preheat oven to 420.
  2. Remove outer layer of garlic bulb, any flaking off skin that can burn easily. Chop top of head of garlic just enough to expose the clove.
  3. Place on square of foil large enough to enclose the bulb and seal. Do not heavily wrap or over insulate. Optional: You can place this directly onto the oven rack, into a muffin pan or on a cookie sheet.
  4. Bake for 35 minutes or until bulbs are soft to touch.
  5. While hot, carefully unwrap onto plate. Squeeze out the close and mash into paste like consistency to eat with your favorite breads. Even mix into your mashed potatoes or atop your burger mixed with a lemon aioli.

Find the recipe on [our Youtube here.]Sometimes you don't always need a heavy edible to have for lunch before you go back to working on your next project. A side dish or appetizer can be enough to get the body buzzing and feeling ready to dive in.This roasted garlic spread is an awesome recipe to have in your arsenal to enhance average meals like burgers by mixing with a little bit of lemon aioli to add a warm and spicy taste atop a bed of arugula and spinach. Even for a date night in with your partner (could we recommend a movie?)- we enjoy adding it to large toasted crusty bread, you can even try a crostini from a fresh baguette. Depends on your tastes but we highly recommend this spread for trying the savory side of edibles with infused base recipes.

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