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The Cannabis Bandage: Canndaid

I normally do not get many injuries and try to be mindful of my person. Coming from the frame of mind that my greatest tools are my hands, it's best to take care of them.

But mistake also happen.

Why not take care of myself and my greatest tools with the best natural product- cannabis! Rub-in cannabis topicals have now become my go-to for alleviating muscular pain. Incorporating cannabis into my routine to alleviate stinging cuts or burns sounded appropriate. Having used raw honey and tea tree oil for my skin I was not hesitant to use on my wounds but definitely was intrigued by incorporating cannabis, more specifically CBD, into the mix.

While at the Culinary and Cannabis Anniversary event last June I received a small envelope sleeve in my gift bag, quickly I exclaimed "did I get hash?". I flip it over to find out it is in fact a cannabis infused bandage product. A weird product I had never heard of before.

I recommend this product for keeping in the cupboard for emergencies, to always have on hand. Since it is CBD, there is no psychoactive reactions to be concerned about while working. When you cut your hand- you want it in the the cabinet or drawer for after you clean your wound.

If you have any allergies to pollen or grass I would advise against this product. Raw honey can still harbor these similar allergens. Also if you have a silver/metals sensitivity this dressing would also not be appropriate, such as my sister.

My only gripe is that all of my bandages the CBD ointment had bled through before use.

After sampling and testing the product for about two months to testing (which is sometimes how long it takes for our reviews) I received a message about a review inquiry. I was already doing this review! ;)

The CBD Bandage is an innovation that makes total sense on paper, it has a niche it fits well. While the execution has a way to go once it grows to a certain scale, the Canndaid is a welcome addition to those with strong bioimmune systems interested in the topical & medicinal effects of CBD for their open wounds.