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Ask the Editor 4/20/2016

Each week we answer cannabis related questions you ask us in our FAQ and compile the dankest answers here:> You ever like, stop feeling stoned even though you’re maintaining? Like, you smoking not to feel baked but to feel normal? Is that bad/good/whatever? - Anonymous

That’s the reason we say “Stay Regular” instead of “Stay High” or “Stay Lifted” like everyone else says. We don’t smoke weed to get high, we smoke weed to regulate our bodies. We acknowledge the advantage of consuming cannabinoids and reap the benefits to equalize our existence to a more painless place. When I’m regularly consuming cannabis, I’m regain the capability to regularly eat and garner appetite. I’m able to work even harder past my back pain from my previous injuries. Cannabis allows me to reach more of a state of normalcy than most other substances on this earth. And when I combine cannabis with other healthy habits, such as exercise and proper diet, I see a synergistic effects that further enhances my entire wellbeing. It’s replaced several medications in my life – from inflammation, IBS and insomnia medication to PTSD management. It’s way more effective and safer of a medicine than most societally accepted drugs (aspirin, painkillers, sleeping pills, etc). At the end of the day, without weed, I know that my life would be a greater struggle. I’m born with disadvantages that I can’t necessarily cure, but manage and hone, and cannabis is an integral part of overcoming these inherent challenges in life. > Will it make a difference if I make edibles with hash instead of weed? by thoughtsthatweedpulloutofme

Edibles made with hash are way tastier, more potent, and have greater consistency in dose. It’s the basically the standard for the edibles industry to use cooking grade CO2 hash oil for their products. Weed, or nugs, are usually 10%-25% THC tops. Hash can be 50-90% THC. If you make cannabutter and dump nugs in, you have to dump in 2-3x the amount of nugs than you would hash (4-7 gram of flower is almost 1 gram of hash). It’s harder for the butter to absorb all the THC cause it’s working through all the plant matter, not to mention all the contaminants you introduce into the oil. You have to consider the taste factor too, imagine you take grass from your yard and put it in your food, it’s gonna taste like grass. But if you use peppermint/vanilla extract made from the plant, it tastes way better. Same concept with weed, vanilla is even extracted using alcohol like cannabis can be (green dragon tincture ftw). It’s more efficient to extract the cannabinoids from the plant (make hash with nugs) and incorporate that into the cooking oil. Of course, if you don’t have access to hash or don’t feel confident in your alchemy skills, flowers work just fine my friend. Make sure to check out our video guide on how to make cannabis infused cooking oil with your reclaim from your dab rig. > hey, as a fellow weed smoker ive always been curious as to how they turn the leaves + stalks into little nugs? like whats the process, how does it work? by nebulae-ghosts

The leaves and stalks don’t turn into nugs, they’re all parts of the cannabis plant. A cannabis plant is made of up one big stalk that branches off into a bunch of other stems. The stems grow leaves on them, and eventually baby nuglets. Those tiny dank delights are nurtured with plenty of vitamins and nutrients until they grow big and strong into the giant nugs you smoke today. The leaves act as solar panels for the light and pull in all the energy to photosynthesize into food for the nugs to get denser and danker. The stems are also put through rigorous training by artificial winds and growers abusive hands – allowing the stems to bruise, heal, and grow thicker to handle the massive weight of the nugs they carry. The stems also act as an excellent bendy straw to all the plant food sitting in the soil. Once the nugs mature to a point where the grower is personally satisfied, be it orange pistil hairs present on the nugs or cloudy trichomes in the microscope, they chop the plant down from the main stalk. Slice and dicing away, a trimmer makes quick work of the freshly harvested ganja, breaking the stem system down into smaller sub branches. These all get hung to dry for a bit, then trimmed again to the nugs you see today. After trimming, they’re left to, what stoner’s call “cure”, for what seems like an eternity to increase the plants potency. And after months of growing and months of curing, the nugs are finally ready to be ravaged by stoner hands or grinders and blazed into a quick and glorious, smokey and stoney send off. There’s a lot I’ve left out, but that’s basically the gist of it. If you’re looking for grow videos to watch, Jorge Cervantes has an awesome library of stuff, and books to read on the subject. ///// Thank you to everyone who sent us a question to our askbox, as always feel free to ask us anything! You can see our entire archive of answered questions here, or browse our Frequently Asked Question page here. Stay regular super stoners~

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