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We take 6 dabs in a row of 6 different strains using the Nail Crown by Cruz Culture. We load up each dabber with: -XJ-13 -Grape Kush -Church OG -Gorilla Glue -Diamond OG -Orange Sherbert x Cookies If you plan on picking on up, make sure to use the coupon code WPD at cruzculture.com to save some cash and let em know WPD sent ya. And make sure to follow @CruzCulture on Twitter, Instagram, and let them know you love their innovative product. Stay regular super stoners~ See more weed porn @ http://ift.tt/1ddtl13 Tumblr @ http://ift.tt/1Vx33KM Twitter @ http://twitter.com/weedporndaily Instagram @ http://ift.tt/1SuLrwM Send us fan mail @ PO Box 941882 Simi Valley, CA, 93065

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