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TKO Edibles Review

I've seen and heard a lot about TKO Edibles, but I've never had the opportunity to try their medicated cannabis treats. I see them at every event and dispensary, and they always look incredible, but this was the first time we got to sink our teeth into their cookies and crispy marshmallow treats thanks to a TKO homie at VendorSesh. We are over 300mg of these edibles on a recent StonerSunday livestream to test them out, you can see that on our YouTube page. Here's what we thought of these high dose and picture perfect edibles.

The first thing you notice about each TKO edible is the dose. Each cookie is 160mg of THC, and crispy is around 100mg, which already is plenty of weed for one edible. Usually an entire chocolate bar is 160mg, so getting that dose in one mid to large sized cookie or crispy treat was pretty nice. It's easily broken into smaller doses to try out or distribute amongst friends. I personally need around 160mg to really benefit from the effects of an edible, otherwise it's too low dose to notice, so this was a great option for me. As I mentioned earlier, the edibles look awesome. I told the guy at the TKO booth that they look like they printed the cookies with a stamp, every cookie and crisp was consistent in size and appeal. And the edibles are very camera friendly, the s'mores crispy rice treat we received was a graham cracker mixed with melted chocolate and ganache and topped with mini marshmallows. It caught my eye immediately,calling to me to eat the entire thing in a stoned munchie fever. It took it to another level when the TKO rep told me some stoners torch the marshmallows on top to get a burnt s'more effect. I was sold.

Upon smelling the edibles, and after each bite, you get a strong undeniable aroma and flavor of weed. The cannabis butter tastes more like plant matter than one derived from a concentrated cannabis oil, so you get this taste of woodiness or twig in your mouth. The highest dose edible, the cookie, was the strongest weed flavor. The crispy tasted slightly less of weed, but honestly the pot taste overpowered the chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow. Usually even with strong tasting edibles you get past the weed taste in the first bite, but the canna flavor stuck through, only dissipating about halfway through. We also received some 10mg samples of their fruity pebbles edibles, and those were honestly the best tasting one, with little to no weed flavor.

The high itself of the edibles was pretty nice. I got an enjoyable, relaxing, silly high that was slightly stupefying at larger doses. It'd be great for eating with homies and watching a movie or playing some video games. Not an edible I'd want to pop before an office job, and maybe not even a creative job, I found my words harder to find and more difficult to convey. I didn't get a hangover or headache during or after the edibles, especially after ingesting such a sizable dose.

Overall, I'd recommend TKO Edibles for people looking for an old school edible style, with their medicated crispy marshmallow treats and weed flavor, veterans of making their own edibles will probably feel very comfortable consuming these and have no issue getting a solid and enjoyable stone. I'm personally from the camp that prefers edibles to taste nothing or as little as cannabis, but as someone who also needs higher potency, I understand the difficulty canna chefs face infusing products and masking high potency flavors. And it's hard to hate these edibles when they look so good and are so consistent, something lacking in the edible community. TKO Edibles get a 5/10 in my book for the great consistency, but overpowering pot flavor.

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