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Just a warning to those going to Chalice. There wa

Just a warning to those going to Chalice. There was a 2 hour+ delay in opening the event, so the line backed up in 107 degree weather without any ventilation/shade/cooling. People were passing out from heat strokes and the EMTs were unable to get to them due to blocked access routes. Even VIP and judges were stuck waiting in line, we got DMs from a few of them not knowing where to go.

We had this issue with Kushstock a few months ago where the lined backed up and people were passing out from heat exhaustion. It’s serious business, 

And then once you get inside, the ACs in some of the buildings aren’t working. They were blowing hot air. And apparently people had water confiscated? So they had to go searching for free water from booths.

So be warned, it’s gonna be a hella hot weekend – make sure to plan accordingly. Either bring an umbrella, dress light, and pack plenty of water – or just come when the sun dies down. Or just get a refund, cause it’s honestly looking like a bit of a shit-show for such a “high production” event. Check the #ChaliceFestival tag on Instagram to see more.

We’ve personally witnessed a lot of disorganization from the event team, we were promised few things in exchange for promoting the event and never got them. We were supposed to get tickets to giveaway to you guys, and they never came through with it. Empty promises and when you call them out on it, they ignore you. I’ll personally never deal with the Chalice staff again unless they fire basically everyone I dealt with.

Just wanted to do this PSA cause we’ve been pimping Chalice, and we never want to give you guys the wrong idea or seem like sellouts paid off to give you guys a fake perspective. We keep it real here.

Stay regular super stoners!

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