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WEEDPORN DEVELOPER BLOG - 9/19/2017New website fea


New website features, new reviews, and the return of the Daily Grind and WPD Podcast! We’ve got a lot of stuff to share with you all this month, we’ve been busting our asses to bring you the next level of weed porn.


Last time I checked in with you, we had just released our new website. Since then I’ve been working on fleshing it out with new features and optimizing the experience for everyone. The FAQ section is back up on the site, showing the latest questions we answer on Tumblr. We’re working on reorganizing the entire FAQ archive for you guys, and this page will be it’s home in the (near) future. The RSS feed is back up for peeps interested in that. And we’ve added a lot of improvements like lazy loading of images, to make sure we don’t blow up your 3G phones with our data.


When I’m not tinkering on the backend of the website taking fat bong hits, I’m producing new original content stoned out of my mind. I’ve got loads of videos I’ve been editing - from melty hash porn to unboxings to cannabis cooking videos. There’s just so much cool stuff to share we have to make videos for it. And then there’s plenty of articles queued up, like strain reviews and informative guides.


We’ve also been working to bring back the WeedPornDaily podcast out of hiatus. We stopped doing the podcast for a while due to technical difficulties livestreaming on YouTube and Twitch, as well as changes to the show format we experimented with. We’ve got a more clear vision in mind for the end product, so we’re ready to resurrect this beast with a sonic séance, lube up your ear holes!


We’ll be at the State of Cannabis event next week, if you’re attending make sure to say high! If you’re not going, don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of coverage on here and YouTube.

Stay regular super stoners~

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