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Waterloo Region’s first medical pot firm starts production

KITCHENER (TheRecord)— The first licensed grow facility for medical marijuana in Waterloo Region is now operating in an industrial building, but the owners want to keep the location secret from would-be bud bandits.

"We are a high security facility, but we attempt to maintain a low profile," Nathan Woodworth, president and chief executive officer of James E. Wagner Cultivation, said.

JWC, as the company is known, is the 38th in Canada to secure federal approval to grow medicinal grade marijuana. Woodworth's team has spent three years getting all the approvals.

After spending about $250,000 on the security system for the 14,500-square-foot building, and another $250,000 on grow rooms, among a long list of other expenses, JWC started growing its first crop earlier this week.

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