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Andrew Garfield dishes on stoned Disneyland escapade with Emma Stone and crew

In a new W magazine video interview, the star “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Hacksaw Ridge” got deep with Lynn Hirschberg on how he approaches new roles before sharing his amusement park adventure. Garfield says praying for a full year helped him prep for his role in Martin Scorsese’s latest religious drama “Silence” (out in theaters now). He also answered an inaudible question, which we’re guessing was “What is your favorite memory?” with an epic tale from his 29th birthday party at Disneyland in 2012. The now 33-year-old actor celebrated with eight of his closest mates — his then-girlfriend Emma Stone included — at the “happiest place on Earth.” The crew made it even happier thanks to a batch of pot brownies, which Garfield confesses: “I’m just going to tell you this straight up. They came out to L.A. to surprise me. We went to Disneyland. We ate pot brownies. It was literally heaven. How about Space Mountain three times in a row?” he recalls. “I freaked out on It’s a Small World. I was like, ‘It is a f-ing small world.'” As E! News shared Wednesday:

“Not before long, Garfield and co. began to have out-of-body experiences in other Disneyland worlds. ‘There was a moment when me and eight of my closest friends found ourselves…we didn’t even realize anyone else was doing it. We were walking through Fantasyland and there was a song that was playing coming out of the trees, and we were all doing this — dancing through — and I think at one point we all started looking around going, ‘We’re all doing the same dance. How did this happen?'” he says while imitating the interpretative dance moves he and his friends conjured. And then we just kind of like build to this choreographed like through Disneyland like who are these grown men and women really f-ing high just totally like what the f—.,” he says, laughing as he remembers.'”

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