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Weedmaps pairs weed and video games by sponsoring eSports

(SFGate) Dispensary review site and app Weedmaps is now a primary sponsor of the esports competition Smash Summit 3, reports Kotaku. Smash Summit is one of the biggest esports tournaments of the year, pitting top competitors against each other through Nintendo’s massively popular fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Smash Summit’s partnership with Weedmaps has received mostly positive reactions, although event representatives told Kotaku “a small portion of fans made it known they don’t support the app.” The negative reception was due mainly to incorporating marijuana into what’s viewed as a kid-friendly Nintendo IP, while some fans were excited to see both their hobbies working together. Weedmaps looks to become a familiar face in esports competitions, as the company has even hired a Director of Esports in Cody Dragon. The dispensary review service has already sponsored a prior Halo tournament held in Tampa, Florida, and has erected a “Weedmaps Gaming House” in Anaheim, California, where tournament contenders can train by playing Halo 5.

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