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We went to probably the worst cannabis event ever recently the @marijuana_edible_sesh. We were trapped in the elevator of the building and had to force the door open to escape. Mind you, my wife is in a wheelchair and had to jump out of a broken elevator. After finally getting to the event, it was a tiny apartment that could barely accommodate the wheelchair, let alone the dozens the people inside. Everyone was sardined in there trying to get around let alone actually patronize a vendor. We told the owner about our elevator issue and he dismissed the problem as "normal" and acceptable. Then we head to the only open space in the event, the rooftop, and it's closed off. The owner approached us to apologize for the rooftop and he proceeded to inform us he'd be renting the same location out again in the future. Really bro? After all these problems? This event is promoted as a sesh, and there are no opportunities to smoke up. The owner told us straight up, this event is for people to come and buy meds at wholesale prices, and then leave. That's fine, I'm all down for a cannabis farmers market, but don't put it in the middle of DTLA with no parking on the third floor of a private studio apartment. Host the event in a parking lot or warehouse or some shit. This was a complete joke of an event and a waste of time and money. You can see video footage of the incident on our YouTube here bit.ly/EdibleSeshDisaster Later this event escalated on social media with @marijuana_edible_sesh and other profiles harassing us. The following is a question posed by a super stoners after we'd posted a bit about it, and what follows is my answer:

This is not meant to be taken negatively but I think everyone is freaking out a little too much. Did you really complain about getting a refund for your gas or parking? I know it was just an example. All parties should move on. If it was that tragic why did you attend the event? Could have brought it to their attention on the spot. If you did and I missed it somewhere, sorry. The video looks like you guys had a decent time, and anyone is allowed to leave a truthful review. it is what it is - @reppohc

I’m rightfully upset because I’ve been lied to, disrespected, and assaulted on social media by the event and vendors from the event. It was bad enough that the event was mismanaged so poorly, but then the official IG, as well as friends, have all been making half ass apologies masked as insults and personal attacks towards me and my wife. They took a video of my wife in a wheelchair and used it to promote their event, putting words in her mouth saying she had a “good time”. She literally had just finished crying and putting away her feelings in the hallway before putting on a professional and kind demeanor for the event. We didn’t put on a sour face at the party and complain unnecessarily, we raised our concern to with the event coordinator. It’s our job to visit these events and share our experience with our audience, and inform them of the reality of the situation. And when she shared her real experience in the video comments, it was immediately deleted and further mocked by multiple parties. She was also blocked from making further comments on the video. They’re literally committing libel and censorship – I have to screenshot comments because they’re constantly deleting them. At least I have the fucking balls to stand by what I say. We brought the elevator malfunction to the attention of the owner at the event and he dismissed it, and even told us it’d happened earlier that day. He couldn’t announce to the patrons of his event that they should use specific elevators or stairs? The real problem lies in their response to this entire debacle. There has been no real apology or fuck bro, you don’t have to fully address the issue, but just say “Hey, I’m sorry to hear that happened.” Nah man, first they insult our integrity, then say “sorry but ____”. You’re not sorry, you’re just attacking me further. I made sure my comedically edited video didn’t convey the horror of the situation. I chose not to completely defame and lambaste the event with immense manipulative editing, just a video poking fun at the event. If I wanted to make “real” video, I would have gotten video footage of my wife crying her eyes out after the incident, but I chose not to film her in that sensitive moment. It’s fucking bananas that people immediately call us liars based on their contextual knowledge of an edited down 10 minute video of a 5 hour event. Cause ya clearly know more than I do based off a 10 minute video, the people who actually personally experience it. And it’s insane the amount of people that dismiss the entire debate because of the elevator, as if that’s the only problem with this rat’s nest. My goal when making the video and all these posts was just to share my poor experience to warn other stoners like me who might be enticed to go these events. Not to necessarily target this event with hate, but moreso to give it a negative review, just like any other product or business. And after the comments and messages I’ve received by the coordinators of the event, my viewpoint has shifted – I’m fully against the brand, their associates, and everything they stand for. It’d be one thing for me just to have this bad experience, it’s another thing for the creators to treat me and my wife like they have. That’s why the video’s message seems more civil than my current state. If you check my Instagram/Twitter and @MrsWPD on IG/Twitter, you’ll find all your answers. I’m done arguing about this. Put yourself in my shoes. How would you feel if you were trapped in an elevator going to a weed event that could have warned you and foregone the negative experience? How would you feel if you left a negative, but fair review on YOUR PERSONAL BLOG and have the owners attack you for sharing your experience. THEN, have them take a picture of you and put words in your mouth, making you say things you don’t actually believe in, all in order to sell more tickets to their event.

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