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Glass Review - Showerhead to Turbine Sidecar 18mm Male 8in Bong

One of the newest additions to our headshop is this awesome bubbler, the Showerhead to Turbine Sidecar 18mm Male 8in Bong. This is an 8 inch tall water pipe with a 2x5 inch can featuring two stacked percolators, a showerhead and turbine. It features a sturdy base and a sidecar style mouthpiece. It comes standard with an 18mm female clear pinched bowl with handle. Ever since we got it in the office I’ve been reeling to rip it and review it. The second I took my first pull off the initial water test, I knew it was going to be a nice chugger. Now that I’ve gotten to chief with it a bit, I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty awesome piece, particularly for the price point.The first thing you notice about the piece are the percolators, the showerhead and turbine. The showerhead percolator sits a few inches below the bottom of the piece and generates a massive matrix of bubbles that massively smooth your smoke with the span of their combined surface area. These bubbles then transfer over to the turbine percolator, which takes the tight knit bubble complex and tears them asunder in a tornado like fashion. The turbine winds the water in the piece into a veritable vortex, which further smooths the smoke. The combination of these two percs is absolutely killer. It’s the perfect one two percolator punch to stir up the sickest smoke experience every time. I was really surprised how synergistically these two percs worked together (take notes glass blowers!). The effect of the turbine takes the dense showerhead hit and aerates it significantly to make it easier on the lungs. And the combination of the percs creates a chug that will blaze a fat bowl down steadily.Besides the percs, the piece is made really well. The wide base is always a welcome addition on glass, giving me confidence when I place it down hit after hit. The sidecar works well to keep water from splashing in your mouth, and the length of the mouthpiece was great. And the stock bowl for it was solid as well, you could pack a pretty fat bowl in there (0.7g or more). Everything just works great together.As rewarding of a piece this was, there were still complaints to be had. The 18mm joint and bowl look a bit large in comparison to the scale of the main chamber. It’s more of an aesthetic problem, because in terms of functionality, the piece would be hindered by a smaller bowl. The piece lacks an ash catching chamber, so you may get resin clumps flying up as far as the top turbine area. This would be remedied by a glass screen, bowl with built in screen, or a small ashcatcher attachment for the piece.Besides my few grips, I’ve been incredibly satisfied with this piece. The stacked percolators are stellar to smoke from or gaze upon. And the piece is pretty well made, from the base to the sidecar to the thickness and quality of the glass work. If you’re looking for a new flower piece to add to the collection, I’d highly recommend considering this as an option. If you want a new dab rig, I’d probably pass on this, as the percolation power is far too excessive for concentrates. I give the Showerhead to Turbine Sidecar 18mm Male 8in Bong a 7/10. If it had a built in ashcatcher, bigger main chamber, and refined slightly more — this could be a perfect flower bubbler. If you’d like to purchase this piece, it’s available in our online headshop: Make sure to use the coupon code WPDTV to save 10% off your entire purchase. [product id="6044"] Stay regular super stoners~