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Kush Cargo November 2015 Unboxing Our unboxing of the November 2015 Combo Cargo box from KushCargo. Here is what was featured in the box: DAB CARGO: -Grav Labs Clear Snic 10mm Nano Rig -Genetik Supply 8x11 Silicone Mat -Genetik Supply Keychain Dabber -Sticker Pack NUG CARGO: -Grav Labs Glass Blunt (CHILLUM for us) -Cookies Small Stink Bag (MISSING from box) -Wiz Khalifa Rolling Tray -Essentials Pack (RAW Artesano + Clipper Lighter) Get all these awesome goodies for only $38 per month + s/h, or get a Nug or Dab Cargo box for only $20 per month + s/h each. Stay regular super stoners~

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Unboxing Kush Cargo December 2015

Unboxing Kush Cargo December 2015

We unbox the December 2015 edition of the Kush Cargo box, and we receive the Combo Cargo box stuffed with: -Oil Vape Pen + Atomizers + Charger + Dabber -Silicone Pad -Buddies Dab Block -RAW Hemp Wi…