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Unboxing Kush Cargo December 2015

We unbox the December 2015 edition of the Kush Cargo box, and we receive the Combo Cargo box stuffed with: -Oil Vape Pen + Atomizers + Charger + Dabber -Silicone Pad -Buddies Dab Block -RAW Hemp Wick -Cookies Hydrostone -RAW + ROOR Phunky Feel Tip -Kush Cargo stash jar -Juicy Jay Candy Cane Rolling Papers -Clipper Lighter + Case -RAW Wooden Case

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CBD Living Vapes Review

CBD Living Vapes Review

CBD in a vape, it's an awesome mix. It's a portable, discreet, and effortless way to take a long drag of vaporized cannabidiol. But does CBD actually taste good? And does it actually get you high? …