Take a mini vacation at our cannabis consumption friendly social on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13 @ Prism House PDX, 7-10pm. WE'VE ADDED A TON OF AWESOME THINGS TO THE MIX! We'll have fun and intentional mental, emotional, physical and spiritual LOVE YOURSELF STATIONS for you to explore over the house! Snacks and a hot beverage. Bring your own cannabis! Early Bird: $15 through 2/9/17, General Admission: $20 after 2/9/17. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the ACLU of Oregon! RESERVE YOUR SPOT: SELF LOVE + INTENTIONS: Love Letter to your Future Self We'll have a table, cards and stamps. Write a letter to yourself and we will mail it to you 6 months later. A fun way to send love and intentions to your future self. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Valentine Making Let's get old school. Construction paper, scissors, doilies, yarn, glue, glitter, ribbon. Make a valentine for your wife, husband, partner, roommate, mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, boss, your polly partners, that person you met at the bar last week, sex buddy, whatevah! BODY LOVE: Chair Massage with Colleen Shea, LMT Licensed, Portland based massage therapist, reiki practitioner, herbalist, and kitchen witch, Colleen Shea, LMT, will help put your body at ease with chair massage! Get your head out of politics and get your relaxation on! BODY & SKIN CARE: Loving your skin with Sweet Face by Rocío Test out Sweet Face by Rocío's raw and simple skin care with Rocío Castillo herself! With recipes passed down in her family, Rocío has created a safe and effective product line inspired by all women of all colors and is cruelty free! Ask her questions about your skin, experiment with her products, and learn how to love your skin more. BODY & SPIRITUAL SELF CARE: PRIVATE ORACLE CARD READINGS & SIMPLE MEDICINE MAKING with Prismatic Paradigm Emma Chasen and Alyssa Wildrick are the goddesses behind Prismatic Paradigm, which seek to dismantle the capitalistic patriarchy through herbal education, empowerment, community and healing workshops. Sign up at the social for a reading and choose from one of their many oracle decks, including the Herbal Tarot deck. Readings focus on how to foster more self-love through the use of plant allies. Questions to the universe welcome! Followup your reading at the their medicinal herbs station and make an herb satchel or tea bag to could take home for continued self-love and healing. JOIN US! MONDAY, FEB 13 7-10pm.