MJU High Dining | Mediterranean Flower Dinner

Mary Jane University launched a new division, “MJU High Dining” for the foodies and those who love fine cannabis culture; for the flower and food snobs, if you will. We compliment a growing trend in cannabis being used in upscale culinary events. With the popularity of Viceland‘s Bong Appetite, we know we’re onto something special. MJU High Dining is an exclusive club. Membership includes special offers, advanced notice of events, recipes from our experienced Canna-Chefs, subscription services and premier gift bags. We’re planning a responsibly infused private pop-up dinner to be held on Saturday, March 11 from 6-10pm in an private loft in Long Beach, CA. The event outline is below: Food by: Chef Khannabis Entertainment by Amber Ray Belly Dance & DJ Menu available on our event page: http://www.highdining.club/event/mediterranean-flower-dinner/