Budtender Fight Club

Ace Analytical Labs Presents : Terpenes & Cannabinoids Jason Sturtsman, CSO Hope Cultivation & Production, Vice President WECAN, Manager Las Vegas Releaf He was chosen by the Nevada Division of Public of Behavior Health, two years ago to be on the Independent Lab Advisory Committee, to provide recommendations to assist with the rollout of the Nevada medical marijuana industry. He has been a cannabis advocate for many years in Nevada, currently the Vice President of Wellness Education Advocates of Nevada (WECAN). Why: Because you deserve an inexpensive way to get into the cannabis industry without paying $100s of dollars for a course. This course is taught by instructors who are actually in the trenches working directly witht the plant and patients in Nevada. Every 2 months expect new material and presenters, who are here to help you grow and improve your knowledge base so you can assist others. LEARN: Terpenes & Cannabinoids Dispensary Law Basics How To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry WIN: Cannabis Paraphernalia (Check out BudtenderFightClub.com for prizes) GET: Certificate