CWA: The Power of Activism

The Cannabis Women's Alliance is acutely aware of the unusual times in which we are living, and the unique set of challenges we face as women. Join us as we move into action on Wednesday, March 15th at 6pm in Seattle, with leading activists in cannabis and women’s rights, with a focus on intersectionality. Our Mistress of Ceremonies, Shawn DeNae of Washington Bud Company, will lead us in an evening of education, empowerment and action. Our keynote speaker for the evening is no stranger to activism in Seattle. Lynn Domingo is a Political Science and Labor Studies graduate with a minor on accounting and anthropology. She has participated in radical civil rights events, organized civil disobedience, educations public and private, and engaged thousands of people connecting them to resources and strategies. You'll hear from Meagan Holt, mother-turned-activist, whose daughter, Maddie, suffers from a rare genetic disease called Zellweger syndrome. She's been working hard on HB1060, a bill supporting medical marijuana for students while in school. Our honoree for the evening is Danica Noble, Executive Director at NORML Women of Washington. Danica has published cultural critique about marijuana legalization, with a focus on outdated policy that unfairly punishes nonviolent criminals. In her TEDx talk, she explored the role of women in the War on Drugs, and the systematic racism inherent in the failed program. An attorney by trade, Danica has been advocating for reasonable cannabis policy since law school, and is an incredible spokesperson for the industry. Maria Castro and her team from Chaco Canyon will be providing raw foods and salads, plus other tasty bites. Win fabulous raffle prizes from Hempfest Central, Zoots, Hashtag Seattle, Stryps, CWA and more! Contact if you have a product for the raffle. Beer and wine available for purchase. This is a 21+ and women-only event. Thank you to our growing list of amazing female entrepreneurs and our generous sponsors!