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Introduce Your Guest to Ganja this Holiday Season

Impress your friends this holiday season by not bringing the box wine and beer. Shake things up, try something new for the new year! Host your friends at your pad this season with some stoney goods.

The fears of performing for a group of guests are stressful. The pressure to prepare a great feast is intense. Maybe you aren't interested in all that fuss and maybe want to buy your way out. There is definitely a way to do that while not breaking the bank. You want to spend time enjoying your company- not dread hosting.

Being selective in your featured dishes allows for interesting twists and updates to classic festive favorites.

So you want to be the good host, everyone does- having to decide what to provide your guest is the worst. It can be difficult to say what strains your guests will be interested in. Leave the decision making to those who know what the people want.

Golden State Shipping

A super quick pick up! It's actually an online order you can make even today! Joining Club M can seem intimidating at first. With all of the options you don't have to fear being shackled to a subscription. One & Done- get one for this month, maybe purchase again for a future soiree. Club M is the least expensive for the quantity and quality of all the subscription boxes (there are a few competitively priced boxes that still break the bank at The Lucky Box or the Weekend Box). Order yours now to receive by the holiday parties: [x]

The box contains new products every month.

We have received an assortment sampling sizes of a variety of cannabis strains from LOLA LOLA or Golden Seal SF. You can see some of our reviews on our youtube page [x]

Minced Tomatoes & Medicated Olive Oil

There are a lot of options as for how you want to satiate your guest while they play games and enjoy each other as you work furiously in the kitchen. One option is bring in your best buds to the kitchen and put them to work!

My two go-to recipes for parties and quick solutions are hummus & bruschetta. You can make two different recipes to top medicated crostini.

The quickest refresh recipe with zero fuss is to take your infused cannabis olive oil and drizzle over storebought hummus with paprika. Simple enough. Pro Tip: whip up your hummus with a fork to add extra air for a silky finish prior to topping with goodies like sliced olives. To create your crostini, slice a baguette into 1 inch thick discs. With another spoonful for the oil, brush one side of a slice of baguette to toast lightly in the toaster oven.

Getting your guest involved in the cooking process can be fun. You never know what'll happen. Avoid saucy splashes and sweating up in jackets by the oven, make it easy with a crostini & bruschetta as a light and bright taste to introduce the meal. A recipe I would recommend for a simple and easy bruschetta for your crostini- [x]

Both dishes easy to assemble just prior to your party or get your guest involved in the kitchen. Invite them to measure and drizzle the olive oil into a dressing for the crostini or atop the hummus. If you would like to purchase your olive oil online or at dispensaries across California we recommend Pot D'Huile [x] . These small batches are strain specific so it'll always be a new experience.

Having the cannabis during your appetizer allows for it to take effect during your meal. Leaving your stomach relaxed with a hybrid or indica based cannabis infused olive oil to enjoy the rest of the meal.

Dank Dessert Options

Too much dank for your guest? Let them choose if they want to incorporate the final elements of cannabis as the last round. Buy a pie or bake a quick crumble as a dessert- give your guest the option of whip cream and maybe some Ganjalato to create an infused option. [x]

Medicated Pie by Big Rock Farms

A little tea to accompany dessert? Try non-medicated honey to infuse their tea with terpenes. Allows for bold flavors introduced to the typical favorites of chamomile & oolong without the THC high.

Bon Bon Voyage

After a long evening of infusing cannabis and hosting your friends and family hoping to open a few minds, send them home with a parting gift. A tradition in my home was to alway share a large ornate bowl of some prewrapped sweet or treat to take home and enjoy. It would be nice to be able to give each guest a small jar of weed (it's legal to gift weed in California now!) - but you can send them home with an infused edible.

There are a lot of very good cannabis treats- but unfortunately many come as bars or large scale desserts. If it is pre-measured small pieces the odds of them being individually wrapped are slim. Seek out pre-wrapped for easy dosage and fair shares. An excellent light option are the Nice Cannabis Company and their hard candy treats from lollypops to chews. [x]

Image from Nice Cannabis Company on Instagram @NiceCannaCompany

Normalize cannabis

Many normalized holiday traditions can easily be recreated utilizing cannabis in one form or another. Bringing together the ones you cherish to try a portion of your life is invigorating and exciting. Invite & be open about the benefits of enjoying cannabis not only on a medicinal but also on a pleasurable level this new year.

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