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California grandfather charged for medical marijuana in Texas

HOUSTON (KHOU) - Phillip Blanton faces two felony drug charges after his prescribed medical marijuana and edible cookies were found in the trunk of his car during a traffic stop. He was making the trip to visit his 20-year-old granddaughter who has Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Blanton was stopped for speeding in Decatur, Texas, more than 1,500 miles into his journey. “I said, 'Officer, I don’t have any illegal drugs on me. Everything I have is a prescription from my doctor,'” Blanton said. “He goes, 'If that dog finds anything, you’re going to jail.'” He admitted to having a pipe in his car, which was enough probable cause to lead to a search of the vehicle. A DPS trooper found four ounces of his prescribed marijuana and the edibles in his trunk. Blanton spent the night in the Wise County Jail and was released after posting the necessary portion of his $20,000 bond.

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