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Teva Marketing Marijuana Inhaler in Israel

(JewishPress) Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. announced on Monday that it is partnering with Israeli firm, Syqe Medical Ltd. to sell a medical cannabis inhaler in Israel. The device, which was described as a space age asthma inhaler, is designed to treat pain while sparing patients the high associated with using Marijuana. Teva said in a press release that this is the first time medical cannabis makers have complied with pharmaceutical standards for inhalation – considered the most efficient means do derive the plant’s many benefits. Apparently, it comes down to control: the most outstanding feature of the new inhaler is that it delivers precise doses, allowing physicians to monitor and curtail their patients’ cannabis consumption, which is normally difficult to do with patients who smoke the controlled substance. Dubbed by Syqe as the world’s first selective-dose pharmaceutical grade medicinal plants inhaler, according to its maker, this new level of precision will allow patients to reach the coveted optimum balance between symptom relief and psychoactivity, regaining their quality of life.

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