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#StopThePot: Trump trolls launch a new misinformation campaign targeting marijuana supporters

(WashingtonPost) “It's time to put an end to the marijuana crisis on campus,” the meme proclaims in vivid text superimposed on a shot of photogenic 20-somethings. “Vote Hillary and #StopThePot.” The bottom of the image is emblazoned with the Hillary Clinton campaign logo, noting that it was “paid for by Hillary for America.” Other images bearing similar anti-pot messages have circulated on Twitter and Facebookin the past few days:

The images all bear the familiar Clinton campaign branding, but none were actually “Approved by Hillary for America.” Rather, they're part of a concerted effort, launched by members of a pro-Trump Reddit community, to suppress support for Clinton among young, pot-friendly voters. It follows a similar misinformation campaign called #DraftOurDaughters, which involved Photoshopping Clinton's logo on memes that claimed, “Clinton was aggressively pursuing a plan to draft young women into the military, usually for a war against Russia,” according to The Washington Post's Abby Ohlheiser. On Sunday, a Reddit user whose account has since been deleted submitted a post to “r/the_donald,” the largest community of Trump supporters on Reddit, saying, “What we did with #DraftourDaughters we need to do with #StopthePOT.”

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