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Revival Vape Review

We review the Revival Vape from The vape is compatible with any 510-thread cartridge, or fill your own empty 510-thread cartridge with e-juice. There are very few times I can literally say smoking is a snap, and that’s exactly how it is to vaporize e-liquids with the Revival Vape. Swap strains in a flash by just sliding out your current cartridge and slipping in the next, and in seconds your good to smoke, no unscrewing required. It’s been an absolute game changer, and has improved my overall smoking experience. The Revival Vape is a vaporizer compatible with 510-thread e-liquid cartridges, and allows for you to quickly swap between cartridges in a snap with their magnetic adapter. Simply apply a small brass threaded ring onto the screw portion of your 510-thread cartridge and it’ll slip into your vape with a snap. The package comes complete with a Revival Vape, 2 adapters, an empty cartridge (for filling with e-liquid), a microUSB to USB charger, and an instruction pamphlet. Nothing felt cheap, everything in this set was high quality, from the make of the vape to production of the box — emphasizing the company’s standard of quality (hard to find with “china” vapes). The operation of the vape is incredibly simple. Slide in your vape cartridge, press the button 3 times to power on, and then press and hold while you inhale sweet smoke. Have I mentioned that this thing rips? You get the perfect amount of smoke in each hit, a huge cloud every time. And most importantly, the clouds were consistent. Hit after hit, day after day — I’ve hit this thing over 50 times in the past week and still haven’t had to charge it. It’s insane. Every other vape I’ve had usually dies out within a day and starts getting less smokey during the end of the charge cycle. The Revival Vape rips till the end. I really haven’t had any problems at all with this vape. There was only one weird problem I encountered with the Revival. After about a month of consistent use, and keeping it great condition (never dropping it, manhandling, etc), the Revival just stopped working. It would power on and even light up when I pressed the button, but would not produce any smoke - at all. I tried everything: powering it on and off, recharging it, testing different cartridges, swapping the magnetic adapters, fiddling with the cartridge placement in the vape — nothing worked. I contacted the company immediately about the issue and they informed me that I was the first consumer to ever break a Revival vape. Sadly, this wasn’t the first product I’d broken, I apparently seem to have a knack (or curse) for breaking products. The vape was covered by their 90 day limited warranty and they kindly sent over a replacement in just a few days. It’d given me enough time to try other vapes, and come back to the Revival only to fall right back in love with how much hard it ripped. I was coughing out a lung with my first hit. It’d honestly be a perfect review, besides the mysterious breakdown, and if I didn’t feel there was slight improvements to be made. The body of the vape is a little small for my big man hands, and even in smaller dainty hands, it was a little awkward to hold. An XL version or more ergonomic version would be cool to see — same guts, just a different body casing. Other than that though, I really can’t find anything to complain about. It’s been an absolute pleasure vaping with this thing, and it’s easily become my go-to vape for 510-thread e-liquid cartridges. It’s hard to go back after you can swap strains so effortlessly. I’d highly recommend the Revival Vape to anyone looking for an incredibly elegant, consistent, and quality vaping experience. The Revival Vape gets a 9/10 in my book, a near perfect score for an essentially perfect vape. Make sure to use the coupon code: WPD15 to save $15 off your Revival Vape! Stay regular super stoners~