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Patient's Perspective of COMPASSESH

This Article is for Compassesh, LLC Sept 17, 2016 Los Angeles, CA It’s the event so many people talk about- it’s something that you would assume has been around forever. Known for their tag line “Patient’s Over Profits” the Compassesh celebrated their 1 Year Anniversary on Saturday September 17. Surprising for a brand that is so well known for throwing quite the sesh. The location as normal was not disclosed until right before. I will say for those who are familiar with the space which holds the Secret Sesh LA frequently was the location this time. The location has a valet service available. They provide handicap parking as well. I ended up paying for the valet when I arrived with my partner Oscar [@Stoned.Designer] I came knowing that the parking was advertised at $20. We arrived just at 4:00pm right on the dot so not right at opening. So parking on the street was tight and with my disability and disinterest in walking too far up a hill, decided to simply take the valet. The valet is a bit pricey. The location’s valet parking was very limited. We pay $20 to park at the NOS Center in San Bernardino. I have to hand it to the valet team- they really worked their magic. I watched over the course of the night my car dancing around the lot but always very close that I was able to see it from the front entrance which I liked. When we first arrived to the event we did not know this address. The entrance we a little difficult to find. The building lead to a street leading into a back lot leading to a line of people sweating in the setting sun still above the buildings. I felt like I needed an umbrella. The wait was not long at all. Spent approximately 30 minutes in line for arriving right at the beginning of the event. The entire crowd was almost exclusively wearing black. Neck towels and sweating backs were apparent. A note for anyone going to any cannabis event- a small facial towel, it makes a difference in your day to keep you fresh. While I waited in line I was passed a clipboard with a stack of paperwork. Everyone before me had a copy so I just filled it out and passed it along. The paperwork ended up being turned in at check in. There, security officers verify the ID and rec that was submitted previously online with the just signed event form. You also turn in your donation item at this time. This month was shoes/sneakers. Obviously new preferred or lightly worn, it great to see at the end of the night boxes filled with shoes. At the check in was all of the food vendors. Alongside the food vendors were 4 Portable restrooms- one was clearly bright PINK while the other three were variations of blue greens. The food vendors were provided by Deeya, Gnarley Nachos and Top Shelf Tacos. It was awkward that the check in line was curving alongside the vendors. I felt paranoid almost intercepting the business for the food stall. Next to the food stalls bringing on the heat was Melting Devin performing live glass demos. You receive a wristband from the security personnel that allows for re-entry alongside a ticket for raffles. The first thing you encounter is smoke- the location allowed for plenty of smoke to fill the high roof. You can see footage of the space on our youtube video [ ]. The smoke looked actually really beautiful in the sun shining through the skylight. There were the two corners closest to the entrance that were dedicated to just relaxing seating area of large round tables. Everyone kept to themselves and respected the spaces. In the far end of the event space were two more rest spots filled with tables. The main entrance leads down a main walkway up to the main stage of the event. It was wide and had plenty of room. The first table I encountered was the Pot Rocks [ @potrocks ] Their station really popped- bright purple and pink branding with a familiar logo. They were advertising indoor organic flowers covered with it’s own kief rolled in cannabis oil and covered again with Kief all from the same strain.The booth was busy and very elbow to elbow every time I passed by. Soon I found myself with a familiar brand the 710 Infusions [@710infusions ] edible company and the owner Ed. He informed me he was sharing a booth with Locally Baked Glass [@locallybakedglass ] and female ganjapreneur Babinka Treats [@babinkatreats ] . An excellent booth collaboration that lead to glass donut collaborations that were on sale that evening. I was lead to the booth across from them- one of the lead sponsors of the Compassesh, Xtractology 710 [ @xtractology710_ ]. Two awesome reps greeting us and offered us dabs of their Banana Kush. It was a great dab. Smooth and really heavy. I also received a free t-shirt from them. It was evident by the amount of people wearing their shirts today that they were passing them out a lot. It was a popular thing to switch into for lots of sweaty attendees. Xtractology had a large booth that spanned multiple tables and an entire relaxing couch area. The sofas were all taken every time I passed by- I wasn’t sure if anyone was allowed in or if I had to purchase something to have access. From there- lots of other delivery and edible companies available. My attention was drawn to the main stage majority of the event. There is a schedule that is pre-posted with all of the activities and giveaways. I never wanted to be far from all the action about to take place. I ended up missing the first two games. Each end with the winner receiving a goody bag. Didn’t hurt to play my chances. Didn’t make it for event #3 the Walrus but from the video coverage you can see not many people could participate. Sooner after was a main raffle for everyone who attended. I pulled out my ticket and realized mine was not ripped and not in the cup. My loss. I ended up trying to add my name for the next raffle. A big attraction at the Compassesh was the medicated Cotton Candy [ ] and Sprig Soda [ @sprigsoda ]. One should never accept a random open beverage from a stranger but the Sprig samples were available in a closed can- I stashed it for later to try at home icy cold. I was there for the main stage giveaway right at 7:10 and it was pretty savage. I stood with the great folks from the PHarm Fest [ @pharm_fest ] and almost got knocked down a few times. The want for weed was real. I understand the hustle. Get your donation’s worth if possible. The amazing folks at Pearl Pharma [ @pearl_pharma ] Distributed over 100 grams of flowers in that giveaway. Not including what they were probably providing passionately to patients at their booth. It was very nice to see lab tested products accessible in that manner. I was lucky by the end of the night to acquire one of their grams for free from the compassion of a fellow attendee. Overall the enter mood of the event was chill until Andy Milanokis [ @andymilonakis ] took the room. Taking photos and gracing the stage to rap for everyone. The event went smoothly. It was relaxing and wasn’t suffocated with people in a cramped space. The Compassesh happens just about every month, or has been this past year. You can follow them on instagram [ @compassesh ]and check out their website to apply for registration and attend their event. You have to be mindful and follow them to make sure you don’t miss the registration window. I went for the first time on their 1 Year Anniversary and felt slightly underwhelmed because of the way it was hyped. Then again the event does take place in multiple venues and are sponsored different event to event. From a patient’s perspective Compassesh is a must try at least once if you are in the Los Angeles, DTLA area.