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Nail Crown Review

We review the Nail Crown Color Changing All In One by Cruz Culture, a silicone and titanium dabbing tool to simplify your sessions. Let me paint a stoney picture for you. I pull out my rig, my torch, and my Nail Crown by Cruz Culture. I pop open the bottom of the Nail Crown to reveal my hash nail inside and I place it on my rig. I tug open the top of the Nail Crown to reveal my stash of hash oil and unsheathe one of the 6 dabbers on the crown to load up a fat dab and rest it safely on top of the stash lid. I heat up my nail, wait for the perfect moment, then take a fat dab and immediately carb it with the bottom titanium cap of the Nail Crown. I wipe the dabber on the Nail Crown’s cloth cover and put away the dabber. And then while the nail is still hot from the dab, I slide it off my rig using the Nail Crown and cap it up for safe travel.I can’t even begin to give Cruz Culture props for their ability to pack a single product with so many brilliant features in an elegant fashion. The Nail Crown by Cruz Culture is crown-shaped platinum-grade silicone and titanium dab tool. It comes loaded with 6 dabbers with different titanium tips for tackling various consistencies of concentrates, a stash container in the top of the crown with a lid that doubles as a dab stand, and the bottom portion breaks down into a silicon encased titanium carb cap and cleaning cloth. We also received one of their color-changing models, so the silicone used in the process also changes color depending on it’s heat level. So a blue crown will turn white when hot, allowing you to easily and safely test how hot a surface is. The Nail Crown has become an essential for dab sessions, finding it’s placement in the middle of the sesh every time.Although this is a brilliant product, there is still room for improvement.I found the dabbers to be a tad too small, making it easy to slip out of your hand and possibly burn yourself. An inch or two longer would be fantastic.The cloth that comes with the Nail Crown is kinda useless. It’s a fairly cheap cotton cloth glued to a card stock. It’s hard to actually use as a dabkin (dabber napkin), and it’s inability to be rewashed makes you toss it after a few uses. They sell replacements, but it’s not something that I’d want to invest in over time. I end up not using the bottom portion of the crown, and just stick with the carb cap.The dab stand was a great addition, but the actual dabber holder on the stand didn’t work too well. It was molded to look like a crown (nice touch), however the gaps between the crown points weren’t large enough to fit a dabber comfortably. It takes a extra time and effort to place the dabber correctly, and a lot of the time the dabber will roll off the stand anyway. The stand works best when on top of the crown, as it sits a little sunken in, and prevents the dabbers from rolling. The dab stand would benefit from a thicker dabber holder, it’s a little too flimsy at the moment.Placing a hot nail inside the container left the entire Crown hot and applied heat to the concentrate container above it. I’d recommend letting the nail cool a little before putting it in the crown, especially if you’re using it to stash hash. I’d also love to see more oddly shaped nails to fit comfortably into a crown one day, like bangers and troughs and the like. I can currently fit a 14mm quartz banger in the crown, but it’s a little tight and not as elegant as a regular domeless nail.After using the Nail Crown for a few weeks now, I have to say it’s a stellar product man. The few complaints I have are fairly minor, don’t detract me from daily use, and are easily improved in the next iteration of the product. And it’s really easy to support the kind of company Cruz Culture is. They’re a bunch of cool Cali kids that want to innovate and elevate the cannabis community. It makes a statement when a company can have their product produced in China and have it look as high quality as the “American made” standard. This is a product that I emphasize is an essential for dabbers and would make a great gift for first time dabbers. I give this product a 8/10 for it’s incredibly innovative and elegant design.If you’d like the chance to win a Nail Crown, head over to our Twitter and you’ll find a pinned tweet with the giveaway details. We’ll pick one random winner from Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr and send them one of these awesome Nail Crowns by Cruz Culture. Use the coupon code WPD on to let them know we sent you! Stay regular super stoners~