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Local pot shop to offer free medical marijuana

SPOKANE, Wash. (KXLY) - With Black Friday approaching, you could consider the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Green Wednesday. That's because one local marijuana shop plans to give away more than $30,000 worth of weed, and yes it's legal. It's happening Wednesday at 4:20 Friendly in Spokane. The store will donate 1 ounce of weed for up to 180 medical card holders. That ounce would typically cost a medical user about $150. The store says in total, it will be about $36,000 worth of marijuana given away for free. "You come in, show me your medical card, we verify that it's legit. We have to scan it by law, then we'll ring you up and you get to walk out with a free ounce," said Carol Ehrhart, owner of 4:20 Friendly. The store will be offering marijuana donated by BBB Farms. It's something the owner of BBB Farms has wanted to do since Senate Bill 5052 was signed into law. "First time I read it in the rules, that a retail store can donate to qualified patients, I've been wanting to do it," said Robert Vernon, who owns BBB Farms.

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