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KushCargo First Class Dab Cargo Review

I’ve had my share of cannabis related subscription boxes and I’ve gotten plenty of boxes stuffed with cheap China glass, vapes, and rolling papers. Kush Cargo has always been a subscription box that tries to raise the bar and provide name brands instead of Chinese knockoffs. They sent me their mega box, a new higher-end version of their standard subscription with bigger and better bongs. Despite the bigger price point and glass piece, it was honestly a little underwhelming. Kush Cargo is a service that ships you a box every month with goodies to enjoy your ganja, like bongs, vapes, papers, and even dabbers, lighters and things you’d find in a smoke or headshop. What separates Kush Cargo from other subscription boxes is that they try not to put cheap China glass in their box and put in American based brands like Grav Labs. This box was their mega box which features bigger and better products. When I first received the box in the mail, the box was huge. Probably 3-4 times the normal size of a box. I was really intrigued to see what huge bong or bounty of products would come packed in such a sizable container. After unboxing it, I had to send am email to Kush Cargo to verify if I’d received all the items (because they don’t provide a printed product list), which they promptly replied “Yep”. For about $100 bucks you get a Grav Labs 9mm glass rig with honeycomb glass perc, a Lego style silicone dab and container, a sword style dabber, a RigRag dab rag, and stickers. The Grav Labs piece in itself would probably be worth $50-80 depending on what headshop you go to. The other stuff would be worth around $30 on the higher end assuming you buy individually and American brands. Even though the math all works out, I still felt like there was something missing from the box. If they added in more printed material beyond stickers like a stoner themed puzzle, poster, or even some 3D shit that you see with cardboard glasses. It’s the kind of stuff you see in mainstream subscriptions like LootCrate and even Disney’s Haunted Mansion themed boxes. The glass was really solid, only one ding in it, and was pretty thick. The 9mm joint was a little inaccessible cause it’s a less common joint size, so I didn’t haven’t a titanium domeless nail or quartz banger that would fit it. The nail that comes with it is pretty tiny, but I was able to take a decent size dab off of it. Overall it’s a great desktop piece that would make a great daily driver for small dabs and flower hits. The perc was a little much for smaller dabs, because of how airy and filtered the hit was, but that’s just me being picky. The sword dabber was really cool. The shape of it was more like Cloud’s Buster sword than a run of the mill sword, so it resonated with my inner weeaboo. It was a little disappointing, even though the dabber was made by Genetik Supply, a name brand, the dabber was a little scuffed up and looked like it had manufacturing faults. It had the potential to be a sick product but the quality set it back. The Lego inspired stuff was cool, I would love to collect a bunch and stack all my hash. The dab rag was a little whatever, useful for some I’m sure. I really expected more out of Kush Cargo to bring a higher caliber of quality to the higher end subscriptions. And they kinda did, but they could have pushed it further. It’s a solid box, it’s hard to hate once you do the math, but it’s also hard to ignore the initial impression. I think this has a lot of potential, I’d definitely snag one of these up if you’re a novice toker and looking to quickly set yourself up to dab or smoke on the cheap without going completely China or getting robbed by a greedy headshop. The KushCargo First Class subscription gets a 5/10 in our book. It’s a solid step up from their standard subscription, but lacks the extra push to make it stand out as a superior subscription.