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H2FLO Review

I’ve hit a lot of herbal vaporizers, and this is the first time I can honestly say that one got me pretty fucking high. The H2FLO is the herbal vaporizer option offered by FlytLab, and is a complete setup to start vaping your herbs. Each time I pick up the H2FLO, I feel like I’m a sith lord about to smoke from his vapesaber, getting stoned in a galaxy far far away. The H2FLO is a herbal vaporizer created by FlytLab. It looks and feels like a lightsaber with it’s slick black exterior and futuristic divets, windows, and buttons. But the special effects don’t stop there —  this thing rips harder than any other vape I’ve ever tried. It’s the first time I can truly say a vaporizer can get me comparably as high as a bong. This is definitely not your average vaporizer. Compared to most portable vapes on the market, the H2FLO is much longer and heavier, especially with the water or air chamber. But that was honestly my appeal. I can pick up and put down the H2FLO with confidence, and it’s weight has a solid feel in my hand. It was about half the weight of my DSLR, which is pretty hefty and strains my wrist after a couple hours carrying it — so I feel confident even if I had to, I could carry this vape around in my hand for hours without breaking a sweat (even though I only use it in short sessions anyway). The build of the H2FLO is fantastic, everything has a high quality feel and finish to it, and all the components slide together perfectly. The quick release nature of the mouthpiece and air/water chambers was awesome, making switching style of smoking a flash, rather than unscrewing pieces all day.

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) The water chamber was very well made compared to other vape bubbler attachments I’ve seen. It unscrews into two pieces to allow for easy cleaning, loving it. The only issue I encountered with the mouthpiece was a bit of splash back on my lips, particularly when I tilted the vape any direction that wasn’t upright. Although that’s to be expected with bubblers, it’d be nice to eliminate it completely. The other components were made similarly well, from the air chamber to the mouthpieces to the carb. It was pretty cool to see this vape include a carb, it changes the hit a bit and makes it more manageable, particularly with the higher temps. Let me tell you bro, this thing rips. I’ve hit a lot of vapes in my day, and I’ve always gotten kinda high from them, but they’ve never hit as hard as a bong, blunt, or dab. But after the three hits off of the H2FLO on a medium setting, I was done. I was baked to perfection with a side platter of cough salad. It was disgustingly beautiful how hard this thing ripped. Without fail, every time I pack the ceramic chamber 3/4 full with probably a 0.3 tops, I have to tap out after a few hits and turn the vape off. It’s awesome. After using this thing for a couple weeks now, I can confirm I’m pretty satisfied with how well the H2FLO performs. I was able to get 7-8 good smoke sessions off of it before the battery died, and it didn’t do that thing that vapes do where they lose battery and stop making clouds, this thing ripped till the end. My only gripes are the splash back from the water mouthpiece, the uncovered USB charger (which is easy to dirty and damage), and the operation of the vape. There’s no way I’ve found to change the temperature of the vape while smoking, you have to turn off the device and turn it back on cycle through the temp settings. And that’s the other thing, I wasn’t a big fan of picking my setting on start up. I prefer the method where vapes start at the lowest setting and you click and hold to progress up. This is a nit picky thing though, cause I could easily see the advantages of the H2FLO’s current setup. The vaporizer is a complete kit, including a grinder, cleaning devices, multiple chambers/mouthpieces, carb, charger, and extra rubber rings in case you lose some. For the price point of $220, it’s a great package, no other vape I’ve seen has offered such a complete and quality setup for this low price point. And just for the fact alone of how hard this thing hits, I’d pick it over most other herbal vapes any day.

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