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420 Central Dispensary Review

Now I know where I’m getting my cannabis concentrates without breaking the bank, 420 Central in Santa Ana. After finding these guys online and checking out their menu, I was incredibly impressed with the selections and prices and had to head down. 420 Central had everything on point, from their location and interior design, to their wide array of weed, to their great service. I honestly only had one single complaint about this dispensary, other than that, it’s a perfect review. When I’d first heard of 420 Central, I was living in Miami watching AskChubbs on YouTube. Chubbs if you didn’t know (or care), was the owner of Nuggetry, a dispensary that was shut down in southern California, and also a website that featured videos of all the dispensaries weed and crazy bong hits and dabs of it. If you followed the CCC420 on YouTube, you got to see them collaborate with Nuggetry and Chubbs for a couple years on cannabis content. After Nuggetry fell through, Chubbs was able to invest in a new dispensary - 420 Central. Like many rich folk with tons of excess cash to toss about (B-Real, The Game, Roseanne, etc), Chubbs became a partial owner of a Santa Ana Measure BB licensed dispensary. Probably 2-3 years ago while I was still living in Miami, I would watch him vlog inside of his luxury sports car, head down to 420 Central, pick out some of the concentrates, and dab them in the back office. So it was a total trip and a half when I was able to gaze upon the interior of 420 Central myself with my own eyes instead of the lens of a YouTube video. 420 Central is located at 420 W Central in Santa Ana, the perfect address for a pot shop. The location itself is in a decent placement. All the Santa Ana dispensaries are in the same 20-mile radius, inside an industrial district with more commercial based businesses rather than retail. 420 Central got lucky with it’s placement, and scored a entire lot for itself on a side street right off one of the main highways and city streets. It’s funny cause it’s basically right next to a Sears distribution warehouse. The building itself was easy to find between Google Maps and the bright green shapes painted on the front facade. The parking was gated, secured with a guard, and had plenty of spots for people. The interior of the dispensary was amazing. I’m not sure if I’ve seen a dispensary do this before, but 420 Central’s lobby and bud tending room are all in one big room, separated only by a glass wall and door. So you walk in to the dispensary lobby and immediately see into the bud tending room on the back wall. It gives another meaning to the word “transparency” in the legal cannabis market. The lobby itself was chill, they had an abundance of comfy couches and plenty of educational and entertaining cannabis literature. It was nice to see they’d laid out a book that goes over everything about cannabis, from THC to CBD to the entourage effects down to consumption methods. It was a great resource for anyone new to the world of weed. They had plenty of paintings and art on the wall of cannabis and trichomes and stuff. And it was really nice, they had also decorated heavily for Halloween and put up a bunch of spooky elements everywhere (cobwebs, glass ghost stickers, etc). Checking in as a first time patient was easy and like everywhere else, and the woman at the desk was super friendly and clearly a seasoned veteran of the staff. While filling out my first time patient paperwork, I mentioned to her that I’d heard about the dispensary from Chubb’s channel. The response I received would have blown away my former self, “Oh yeah? You still watch those videos?”. It wasn’t a derogatory comment towards me, but it definitely let me know how they felt about Chubbs. From a little more chit chat, it was conveyed that Chubbs had a negative reputation in the local community, and that several customers had come in and complained about him and his sponsorship of the establishment. I was surprised to hear that so many people had displayed that kind of discontent. It’s the kind of shit you’d never know about from an external perspective, watching these closed perspectives on YouTube in a place like Florida. This definitely wasn’t like when I went to The W.E.E.D. in Studio City and met Dave Warden from the Weed Report - Dave was loved over there. After shit talking Chubbs for a bit, I head back into the bud tending room to make my selection and purchase. The bud tending room was probably 400 sq ft by 150-200, a decent size rectangle, like a small store downtown. The back wall had a painted mural and was festooned with Halloween adornments. A counter lined every wall, they had they CBD and topicals on the left, concentrates, flowers, and edibles in the middle, and a checkout on the right. The reason I’d come to 420 Central specifically was their concentrate selection. They had one of the biggest hash selections out there, over 170 options listed on their online menu. They had everything from $100+ pure THC concentrates, to the more economical $25/gram BHO. And their stock of brands was pretty choice, they had big names Dabblicious, HitmanFarms, StuckUpExtracts, BAMF, WCC, and Guild Extracts. And they also had a great selection of lower end hash from big names like NamelessGenetics and even some people I didn’t recognize but had solid branding, like HashLarry, King Concepts, and PopsNaturals. All the hash looked great quality, none of that “poop soup” stuff that looks dark, wet, and/or oily. Even the low-end selection looked like high quality stuff, nothing was wax to say the least. I personally picked up a gram of Trim Run Kosher Kush BHO by King Concepts for $40, and got 10% off with my first time patient discount bringing it out to $36. I was incƒredibly enthused to have found Kosher Kush, I call up and go down to every dispensary in our area scouring them for Kosher Kush. It’s one of the only strains that helps my wife with her chronic pain, so the second I see it anywhere I snag it up. Here’s my one and only issue with 420 Central. The bud tender showed me the Kosher Kush they had, and it looked like an amber hard shatter, it was that stuff you break into little glass shards with your dabber. And when I got home and opened the sealed hash envelope they pulled from their humidor, the hash was a golden sap — completely different from what I saw in the store. If you’re inexperienced with concentrates this may come as a surprise to you, although it’s not indicative of any lower quality. I also received a gram with a little black contaminant in it, not the dispensaries fault, but more avoidable by seeing before buying. Now I know to ask them to open all sealed hash envelopes before I leave to ensure the quality. I usually do at dispensaries, but I honestly trusted these guys, should have just played it safe. It was also mindblowing to discover they accept credit cards. Most dispensaries have ATMs that you pull cash out of (with a fat fee), but this one takes your cash directly through Square without any additional fees. I’ve only seen one other dispensary that does that in Santa Ana, The Reserve. They also have a VIP program, if you spend $150 or $400 you get a yearly membership that gives you 10% or 15% off (respectively), as well as a swag bag with t-shirt, weed, and whatnot. I’d have to do the math and see if $150 a year for 10% off pays itself off, and it probably does considering I spend $200+ at the dispensary each month. The experience was stellar. I enjoyed everything about 420 Central, from the interior to the seemingly endless hash selection to the bomb ass prices. I haven’t seen prices or hash quality this great since I was at Divine Wellness Center in the west valley. This will definitely be my go-to place to pick up concentrates, especially on Saturdays when they have 10% off. I highly recommend you check this place out, and make sure to tell them WeedPornDaily sent you! 420 Central gets a 9/10 in my book, a nearly perfect score for a nearly perfect dispensary. Best in Santa Ana for concentrates, easily. Image by