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Chameleon Glass - Black Onyx 'Cyclops' Pipe Review

In the early days of Olympus, the mighty Zeus called upon a fearsome group of one-eyed primordial giants from the pits of Tartarus. These Cyclops were tantamount in the downfall of the Titans. It’s these epic oddysseys that inspire man with myth, and lead to the legendary lampworking of artists such as Salt, JBob, and now Chameleon Glass. This black Onyx glass pipe is about 5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. A perfect size for any hand, big or small, especially with it’s spoon-likestyling. The glass feels and sounds thick in the majority of the piece. Not exactly crafted in the pits of Tartarus, unless you’d consider the Arizona desert a form of hell, but it is American made. And it’s always important to support non-slave labor in this post-Roman times. The cyclops eye itself is a pretty gnarly feature. The eyelid around the iris itself looks very clean, with excellent line work. Varied wrinkles radiating from the eye increase that grotesque factor considerably. They also feel nice against your hand during a hit, providing a bit of traction along the smooth glass for more grip. The eye itself was a little disappointing. Air bubbles were trapped throughout the eyeball, with one air bubble almostartistically placed like a highlight for the eye. Beyond the bubbles, the iris itself is made of four different colours that make rings around the pupil. The use of an almost green hue of yellow, along with the firey hues, help add a subtle hint of monstrosity.

The bowl itself is pretty deep and fits a fair amount of herb. Heat isn’t a problem either. Either the glass is so thick it distributes the heat, or the fevered eye of the cyclops is fueled by the residual flames. The eye may be icy however, as the smoke generated in the pipe is fairly cool and smooth. My greatest pet peeve with pipe is how hot and harsh the hit tends to be, and the cyclops seems to keep things cool. While I sit in front of this smoking bowl, the piercing eye of the cyclops seems to stutter: “Bro…I’ve gotten more stoned than Oedipus.” And that thought is a bit comforting, considering how much cannabis I’d consumed. If you’re looking for a sick looking spoon to add to your collection without breaking the bank, I’d highly recommend this piece. Stay regular super stoners~ References:

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