New Mexico Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill

Santa Fe, NM (DPA) – Today, New Mexico State Representative Javier Martinez introduced House Bill 312 to tax and regulate marijuana. Rep. Martinez envisions an industry that will support economic growth and begins to dismantle failed drug war policies that hurt New Mexicans.

New Mexico’s current marijuana policies are widely recognized as broken. “The war on marijuana has been a miserable failure,’’ said Representative Martinez. “We spend millions of dollars criminalizing people who use marijuana without seeing benefits to public health or safety. We need to legalize marijuana in New Mexico and stop the harm that disproportionally impacts those who are living in poverty and those who are Black, Native and Hispanic/Latino. A marijuana conviction can have tragic long-term consequences for individuals and families. People may lose jobs or be unable to secure employment because of a criminal record. Students who incur a marijuana conviction can lose their student loans. The punishment doesn’t fit the offense and New Mexicans agree we should remove penalties and instead tax and regulate marijuana.”