Frequently Asked Other Questions

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The Unusual:

Strain Specific:

  • What makes a strain an indica, sativa, or hybrid?
  • What strain has the highest THC content?
  • What are the highest CBD and lowest THC strains?
  • How do you feel about Blue Cheese?
  • Have you heard of the “Red Devil” strain?
  • What do you think about GDP, Blue Dream, and LA Confidential?
  • Have you ever smoked Fruit Pebbles?
  • White Widow, Strawberry Cough, or Train Wreck? And why?
  • Have you ever smoked a weed that tastes like chocolate?
  • Have you ever smoked fruity pebbles?
  • Have you ever smoked Super Silver Haze?
  • I smoked some Raspberry Cough, is that similar to Strawberry Cough?
  • Thoughts on Orange Crush/Krush?
  • Have you heard of Silverback Kush/Gorilla?
  • Are Northern Lights or Sour Diesel uplifting highs?
  • What strains give a relaxing body high with no mind?
  • What’s the most psychedelic strain?
  • Are there any notable ruderalis strains or crosses?
  • Are there particular strains known for orange hairs?
  • What’s a good sativa for chilling?
  • A good strain for bone/joint pain?
  • Have you ever heard of Big Red?
  • Island Sweet Skunk, Recon, or Hawaiian Kush?
  • Have you ever smoked G-13?
  • What strains are best for medicating and staying productive?