Stoner Dictionary

Slang Terms

Brick Weed

Brick weed is a slang term for the process of compacting weed into bricks for efficient transport. The weed is compressed, so when the smoker receives it, nugs will be barely decipherable. Regs, arizonas, schwag, or low quality/poorly grown strains are usually available in brick form.

Dime – Ten

Ten dollars worth of weed. Usually between 0.5-0.7 grams

Dub – Twenty

Twenty dollars worth of weed. Usually between 1-1.4 grams

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Eighter / Eighth

3.5 grams. Can range in price anywhere from $35 to $60.

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Frosty is an adjective describing flowering cannabis plants or generally nugs covered in a dense foliage of trichomes. The leaf tips or nugs will appear almost white, particularly with flash photography, as if frosted over with a fresh coat of stoney snow.

Ghost / Gutterbomb

Ghosting/gutterbombs is a smoking technique where smoke is kept in the mouth, slowly released, then sucked back in. The smoke releasing tends to look like a ghost, or big ball.

Ghosting can also refer to when you hold the smoke in so long no smoke can be seen on exhalation.

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Half Ounce

14 grams

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Half Pound

8 ounces

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Hotboxing is the act of smoking inside a closed environment until it becomes saturated with smoke.


Krippy is a slang term for middle to high grade marijuana. Usually has excessive orange hairs.


Mids is a slang term for middle-grade marijuana.

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The munchies are a slang term for the hunger associated with smoking weed. Here’s the science behind it.


A nickel is usually a dime of regs. No one would sell you a nickel of chronic/kush.

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Nug Run

Nug run refers to hash or concentrate (BHO, CO2, etc) that was produced with nugs that are minimally broken up. No shake, leaves, or ground up ganja were used to make the hash.

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28 grams


16 ounces

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7 grams

Quarter Pound

4 ounces


Regs is slang term for low-grade marijuana. Usually brick weed, and poorly grown.


The plant material that falls off nugs in a jar or a dry plant. Generally comprised of sugar leaves and twigs. It usually differs in taste from the original nug/plant as well, and not in a good way.


A shotgun is the act of blowing smoke into another person’s mouth. Usually done with a rolled medium, like a blunt, you place your mouth over the cherry and blow smoke out the mouthpiece.