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Plant Terms


Cloning is a process in which a grower cuts a branch off a plant and grows an genetically identical plant. Mother plants are often cultivated for cuts of these clones.

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Female plants are responsible for producing the nugs we smoke. They’re characterized by the formation of two stigmas (pistils) on branch nodes and tips a week or two into the flowering cycle.

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A greenhouse is an outdoor building in which plants are grown. Commonly used in agriculture, they’re incredibly effective at managing light and temperature.

Also a popular seed company, Green House Seed Company, home of popular strains such as White Widow and White Rhino.


A hybrid cannabis plant is one grown from pollinating one strain with another. This can also refer to strain that’s sativa and indica, usually at a set ratio(50/50, 80/20, etc).


Hydro refers to hydroponically grown ganja, where the cannabis is cultivated in nutrient enriched water rather than nutrient packed soil. The plants are grown with their roots suspended in the water, or inside a soilless medium such as rockwool, coir, clay pebbles, etc.

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Cannabis indica are plants that tend to grow 6-8ft in height, though generally shorter. It’s leaves are short, but have wide green fingers. As it matures, the leaves develop more purple. It features short branches with dense nugs. And the nugs are quite stinky!

The indica high is a “body high”. It’s relaxing, and often accompanied by a body buzz. It’s incredibly useful for pain relief and insomnia. An excellent night-time smoke.


Kush is a subset of strains of cannabis indica. They originate from the middle-east and India, with it’s name derived from the “Hindu Kush” mountain range.


Male plants grow tall and stout, with few leaves. During the flowering phase, the male produces pollen sacs (or balls, snoogins), rather than stigmas/pistils like the female. Generally they’re grown for strain development, as they do not produce as many buds as a female — and more importantly, risk pollinating female plants with their presence.

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Nutes / Nutrients

Nutrients are minerals that your cannabis plant requires for growth. The common nutrients for cannabis are nitrogen, phosphate, potasssium, and calcium.

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Orange / Red / Purple/ White Hairs

The orange, purple, and white hairs on nugs are the dried out pistils of a cannabis plant. White hairs represents a plant that was picked prematurely. Orange and red hairs signify the plant was allowed to fully flower. Purple hairs are the product of genetic mutation.


Pistils are the long thin hairs that stick out of the buds(or nugs) of the cannabis plant. They’re produced in the flowering stage to collect pollen from other plants and to protect the plant from the elements. When the plant is cured, the pistils turn orange or red. When a plant is harvested prematurely the pistils will be white.


Purps refers to plants that produce a purple pigment in their leaves. This is occasionally achieved by lowering the temperature in the growing environment/room.


Cannabis ruderalis is a species of cannabis native to cold tundras that is auto-flowering. Generally cannabis plants flower once the light cycle changes to 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours devoid of light. Though with ruderalis, the plants tend to flower after 30 days, regardless of light cycles. The potency and yields are significantly lower. It’s often crossed with an indica, sativa, or hybrid to carry over the auto-flowering characteristics while increasing yield and potency.


Cannabis sativa are plants that tend to grow 6-25ft in height, while commonly growing between 8-12ft. The leave are thin and light green, with more yellow pigment for protection against intense sunlight. The branches are long, and are accompanied by equally elongated nugs – sometimes stretching up to 3ft! Though the nugs aren’t very dense. The pistils vary from yellow to orange to red.

The sativa high is more of a “mind high”. It can be uplifting, and energetic. Since sativa’s tend to have high THC content, they tend to be quite potent. Hallucinations are possible. An excellent day-time smoke.


Weed strains are pure breed or hybrid types of Cannabis, specifically developed by growers to highlight certain plant properties.


THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive substance found in cannabis. It’s the psychedelic part of the plant that gets you high and paranoid when smoked or eaten in edible form. It’s one of many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and the most prevalant in high potency strains.


Trichomes are any fine growth on plants, such as hair or glands, that help the plant defend itself against the elements. On cannabis, the trichomes come in three forms, each containing the plants resins (cannabinoids). There are bulbous trichomes, which are the smallest, ranging from 15-30 microns and resembling tiny balls on the plant. More common, the capitate sessile resemble hairs with tiny heads. And the most popular, capitate stalked glands which raise to height of 150-500 microns and have large bulbous heads.