Stoner Dictionary

Hash / Edibles

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash refers to hash extracted with water. The hash is produced sieving cannabis plant matter onto screens (often bubble bags) submerged in water and ice. Also known as full-melt, ice wax, or solventless hash. One of the safest forms of hash, as it’s extracted without the use of chemical solvents such as butane.


Budder is a form of butane hash oil. It ranges from near white to yellow hues in a solidified form generally covered in craters. Unlike shatter, it’s not opaque at all. It’s created by heating BHO (either wax or shatter) at higher temperatures for longer periods of times. It may even be vacuum purged for an extended period of time. It may also be created by whipping the BHO, however this method is frowned upon, as it’s known to trap butane molecules in the concentrate. It’s incredible more potent than smoking flowers/nugs. Also known as supermelt, earwax, and crumble.

Cannabutter / Cannaoil

Cannabutter or cannaoil is the product of saturating fat with THC and other cannabinoids. Cooking cannabis with fat converts THC into an edible medium, as eating the raw plant leaves/hash won’t elicit as noticeable of a high. Cannabutter can be made with any variety of butter(even margarines). Cannaoil equally so can be made from any oil such as coconut, olive, canola, or grapeseed oils. Raw cannabis leaves and ground nugs are often used, however hash is used as well for higher potency and more stable dosing. Learn how to make cannabutter today!


A nug dipped in hash oil, and often rolled in kief.

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The term concentrate refers to any extract of THC and/or the other cannabinoids from cannabis. This includes hash, hash oil, BHO, budder, wax, cannabutter/oil, bubble hash, etc.


Dabs, also known as dunks and globs are the act of smoking hash/concentrate through a smoking apparatus such as an oil rig or bong with a hash nail or skillet attachment.


A dome refers to a glass piece that fits over a hash nail, allowing for the smoking of concentrates.

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Finger / Scissor Hash

Finger hash is a hash formed from growers rubbing their hands on sticky plants and collecting the resins or trichomes. It’s also collected from scissors after trimming. It’s one of the oldest forms of hashish. Generally a brown putty.


Firecrackers are quick and simple way to make cannabutter with crackers. The structure of a firecracker consists of peanut butter/nutella(or any fatty oil), weed, and a sturdy vehicle for the butter (crackers, cookies, etc). The ground ganja is mixed with fat-filled butter, placed between crackers, wrapped in foil, and then heated in an oven or microwave for a short period of time. Learn how to make cannabutter today!


Hash is the product of concentrating cannabis trichomes. It’s a paste-like substance that varies in color(golden, brown, to red) and texture(amberglass, budder, wax, etc).

Hash Oil

Hash oil, despite the name, does not contain hash. It’s concentrated THC, usually 70-90%, that’s been extracted via solvent.

Hash Nail

A hash nail is the process of smoking hash from a screw or nail. To do it, simply place a screw/nail standing on a flat surface. Place the hash on the nail. And then grab a cup to fit over the nail, light the hash on fire, and place the cup over the nail so it fills with smoke. Once satisfied, turn off the burning hash and simply ‘drink’ the smoke. It’s a more refined method of dropping hash on your stove and smoking it.

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Kief refers to THC that’s fallen off the nugs inside of a grinder.


A sappy form of butane hash oil, often the product of slightly heating shatter (or leaving it out in the warm sun).

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Shatter is a stable form of butane hash oil (BHO) that’s often golden or amber in color and fairly clear. It’s produced by maintaining proper temperatures during the purging portion of BHO extraction. The terpenes of the plant are preserved more properly in this form, allowing for incredibly pure flavour. Winterized shatter is a higher potency version of shatter that lacks plant waxes and lipids often found in concentrates.


A skillet is a metal attachment for your bong that allows for dabbing. The metal plate or skillet is heated with a torch and a of hash is placed on top of it. Generally comes with a dome attachment to funnel the smoke into the bong.

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Wax is a concentrated form of cannabis. It’s an unstable form of BHO. Often produced due to improper purging techniques or personal preference. Shatter and sometimes even budder will degrade into a wax form when introduced to sunlight/heat.