Stoner Dictionary

Paraphernalia and Rolling


A bong, or waterpipe, is a smoking device used to filter weed smoke with water. It can be made from any airtight container, with a proper downstem and bowl.


A blunt is the product of rolling weed inside cigar paper. Occasionally wrapped in a tobacco leaf as well.


The cherry refers to the portion of the rolled medium(joint, blunt, etc) that is lit. The fatter the cherry, the bigger the hits.


A chillum is a cylinder you smoke from. You put a screen in the front, pack it with weed, and just smoke away. It’s one of the simplest smoking setups.


A grinder is a device used to break up weed into smaller pieces.

Hemp Wick

A hemp wick is a hemp rope dipped in beeswax. It’s used for smoking, as a burning alternative(although it needs a spark itself!). It’s one of the cleaner ways to smoke, and you get better flavor from your bud. Buy one of our Hemp Wicks today!

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A joint is the product of rolling weed inside of rolling paper into a smokeable cone-like(or chillum) shape. A joint may also refer to a hole in glass bongs where other glass or bowls are inserted.


The mouthpiece refers to the portion of the rolled medium (joint, blunt, etc), or smoking tool(bong, pipe, etc) that you suck the smoke from.


A percolator or perc is a small sub chamber inside of a bong, bubbler, or oil rig that provides in-line smoke-water interaction via heat exchange and dissolution. It allows more filtering of the smoke through water. The bubbles generated by the percolator create more surface area for the smoke to cool down in, while providing the smoke at a steadier rate than a regular downstem.


A joint that has been rolled ahead of time, often with a rolling machine and low quality shake.

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A screen is usually a metal mesh(brass/titanium) or glass piece you place in a bowl/slide to prevent plant matter and ash from getting pulled into the piece. Some bowls/slides come with screens built in, rather than simply a hole.

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Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is a tool that stoners use to vaporize/combust cannabis. It can be used to smoke hash/concentrates, and by design won’t burn as much of your THC away. Stoner’s who are sensitive to butane gases or ignitions in general tend to use soldering irons for smoking. It’s one of the more efficient ways to smoke.

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A spliff is a joint, usually with tobacco mixed with the weed, and occasionally in a cone shape.


A vaporizer is a smoking device that heats up to an exact temperature, allow the vaporization of THC, while not burning the bud. It’s one of the cleanest way to smoke. Generally cannabis vaporizers operate around 300-400 degrees, the optimal temperature that THC vaporizes.