Unboxing the Ooze Magma Portable eRig

Unboxing the Ooze Magma Portable eRig We unbox the Ooze Magma, a portable electric dab rig that you can dab directly from, or plug into 14mm or 18mm pieces. For more info, check out the Ooze websit…

Daily Grind – Illadelph Dabs

Daily Grind – Illadelph Dabs We take fat dabs out of a clean Illadelph and quartz banger, and vape a bit with Absolute Xtracts. Stay regular super stoners~

Daily Grind – Coffee Dabs

Daily Grind – Coffee Dabs We wake and bake with a fat dab of King Louis OG to accompany a cup of coffee. Stay regular super stoners~