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Smoking Cannabis in a Castle with the Hollywood Elite

We have been discussing the outcome of legal cannabis these last few months. Initially with the first permitted on-site consumption event at The State of Cannabis back in September, cannabis events have taken large steps in progress to obtaining the most elite venues and luxury services.

California has always been the land exclusive opportunities and lavish lifestyles. Now that the cannabis market is more mainstream, opportunities at major events and luxurious locations are not a matter of if- but when.

Yamashiro Hollywood

Originally a landmark designed to home the treasures and fine antiquities of German collectors, the Bernheimer brothers developed this castle as their private dream estate back in 1914. The designs are not specifically Chinese or Japanese, but an influence of a variety of eastern asian cultures featured in their collections.

Last year in March the fate of the legendary restaurant was jeopardized by a Chinese development company buying the property. Eventually settled by July 2017 the restaurant was back to operations with new management still keeping the authenticity of the castle's aesthetic and history.

The Cannabis Social

In partnership with coordinator & hostess Heather Jane alongside multi-media collaborators the Kush Boys [x], The Cannabis Social [x] is an exclusive event company that has been featured in collaboration with the elite of cannabis. Bringing sophistication to the cannabis stoner, launching events in California, Las Vegas and nationwide- Red Carpet Yachts, premier nightclubs and country clubs. This cannabis social was the perfect representation of LA's cannabis industry leaders.

Entering Yamashiro, through the main lobby, outside in the main courtyard was a complimentary asian inspired spread & sushi bar. We nibbled on chicken & beef yakitori while shrimp dumplings and sushi as hors d'oeuvres on platters floated by us.

Feelin' Gucci.

One of the only indoor spaces in the restaurant housed majority of the featured event sponsors. We checked out the latest from Grumblr. Took sweet advantage of their photobooth set up between two Louis Vuitton & Gucci jaguars by artist Jay V[x].

The Grumblr[x] is a storage device for all of your flower equipment, your flower and grinder. Keeps it all wrapped up tight for safe transportant whether on your way home from the dispensary or with friends.

Another specialty product to my surprise was the Weekend Box[x]. I had seen it advertised previously on Instagram but like many others, they did not service the Los Angeles areas due to strict ordinances on delivery weed. The Weekend Box solved that with having their Weekend Box available at storefronts in both LA & LV for easy pick up. Excellent for literally vacations or special occasions, this box features a wide variety of products, includes a smoking device, edibles, concentrates, flowers, joints, as a variety sampler from local producers & distributors. Make sure to subscribe to [our youtube] channel for when we post our unboxing of the Weekend Box.

Hollywood Magic

Right before leaving the main castle, we were direct to go down the front to the Luxe Lounge. The view speaks for itself. Beautiful overview of the city while watching the celebrities handle their weed from a distance. Business gurus, entrepreneurs, sharks, and cannabis all in one night. It was everything you'd expect from the hottest business makers in Los Angeles.

At the lounge was the 710 Speakeasy [x] Dab Bar featuring their dab dispenser.

A fun spice to the event was the openness to share, regardless of who you were. Invitations to smoke out of the giant ice bong or from any of the crazy creative glass pieces by featured artist Mathematix Glass[x].

Giant Ice Bong with a hookah hose attachment for easier rips.

Building a better cannabis business industry.

Yamashiro Hollywood featured beautiful seating areas and conversation spaces. As enjoyable as the space was I would not advised for less handicapped accessible individuals. Half of the event was accessible via a staircase so a wheelchair for patients and walkers please be aware of the different locations this event series is hosted.

Hostility, territory and elitism is often a large divider in the cannabis industry. It was excellent to see the ease and enjoyment of the intermingling during the Cannabis Social. Looking forward to seeing the next exclusive & sophisticated event the Cannabis Social will host.

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