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Girl Scout Cookies Vape Cartridge by Habit

It tastes great, smokes great, and looks great. This vaporizer cartridge by Habit is a stunning example of what contemporary cannabis vapes can look like when you care about creating a high quality, classy product.

When we were at the BIG Industry Show here in L.A., we stopped by the Habit booth to say ‘high’ to our homies, and we were recognized by the rep from our recent livestream where we drink the Habit’s cannabis infused soda. The were generous enough to provide us with one of their newest products to review - the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies vape cartridge. This was part of their new line of cannabis oils, they had the pure oil available as well as dank tanks. They also had indica cartridges that featured lemongrass, chamomile, and lavender — which they say enhance the relaxation effects of the high.

The cartridge came packaged in a matchbox style container printed with a mandala inspired floral design on the front and the Habit logo. The box slipped open to reveal the vape cartridge tucked away neatly inside a box embossed with a honeycomb-like pattern. The back of the box features a QR code to check out the strain’s cannabinoid profile and testing results, so you can verify you have a mold, pesticide, and solvent free product to safely consume.

Our cartridge was a half gram of pure CO2 oil from a Platinum Girl Scout Cookies plant, in a gold-colored metal cartridge with a ceramic atomizer. The cartridge itself was beautiful, it’s the first time I’d encountered a gold one, and they even took the time (and money) to print their logo elegantly on the mouthpiece. It’s an eye catcher on any battery, feels high quality, and really increases the perceived value of the product incredibly. The CO2 oil inside the cartridge was equally as eye catching. It was a bright, saturated yellow that has it’s hues enhanced by the surrounding gold plating.

As beautiful as this was to unbox and look at it, it was equally as enjoyable to vape. The flavor from the cartridge was phenomenal, with clear tones of cookies mixed with a backend of dank OG.This thing rips. It has a solid smoke density while also being impossibly smooth, so you take hit after hit without realizing you’ve gone too deep. The high from this cartridge hits you hard and fast, immediately commanding your head to inflate and simultaneously lighten, while relaxing your body and mind. While I was filming smoke shots for this review, I took one or two big hits and I had to sit down because I didn’t expect the high to hit me so hard and fast. It’s incredibly satisfying to take a few huge, tasty puffs and feel stoned pretty instantly. Not a high that I’d recommend for productivity, but if you’re just hanging out with friends or looking for some quick pain relief, I’d highly recommend this one. It’s a solid hybrid for every kind of stoner.

The only downside, besides the mouthpiece getting a little hot after successive hits, was how long the oil lasted. Most cartridges last me 3-4 days of heavy use, and this lasted 1-2 days. Each time I took a huge toke, I felt like I could watch the oil disappear from the cartridge chamber. As potent as the oil was, it kinda sucks it had to last half as long. I don’t know why the best things in life have to be cut so short. This is a little nitpick as well, but I really appreciate when companies put the strain name or some indicator on the cartridge. If I bought more than one of these, it’d be hard to tell which is which.

This was probably the best solvent free vape cartridge I’ve ever had, hands down. I’ve only had one other companies vape cartridge that I liked better, and they mix in PG/VG, so I’d almost prefer this one because of it’s cleaner - smoother nature. The packaging was bomb, the gold cartridge was too fancy, and the strain was tasty and potent. The only thing holding this back is the fast burning oil, a longer lifespan on this cartridge would make it perfect. The Habit’s Platinum Girl Scout Cookies half gram solvent free distillate vapor cartridge gets a 8/10 in our book for it’s high quality and high class performance.