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Efficiency at your next Cannabis Event.

With the recent shift of crack downs by Eventbrite on cannabis related events and the emergence of cannabis event resources like Sesh Source and one has to question- will cannabis stay in a separate sector or will it slowly integrate itself into mainstream events from Coachella, the County Fair and your local farmers market?

There is no question- cannabis will integrate and not be a second thought once it is bringing in the community tax dollars and benefitting the local infrastructures. Whether or not Eventbrite wants to acknowledge it, with their arm twisted by National Banking Processors, cannabis is here to stay and cannabis events are something attendees need to be prepared for.

Cannabis events is such a wide category and cover all the base styles of events. We wanted to cover these styles to help you better prepare yourself for what might be to come. Cannabis should never be intimidating.

The State of Cannabis, Long Beach, CA.

Cannabis Business Conferences

There are cannabis business conferences popping up all over the country. Often even in states without full legalization. There can be an intimidation factor- some charging upwards of 200, 300 even $500 USD for admission to listen to incredible speakers and see the latest innovations. These are true investments that you will want to take full advantage of. At the same time, there are also excellent conferences at a far more approachable price points for your first event. Investing in early bird tickets often will save you a chunk of change.

The business conferences like basically all other industries gets broken down into a show floor and lecture series with some keynotes accompanying sponsored dinners.

With the show floors, they become a hot spot for mixing, meeting and learning about the new standards being set. Sometimes provide samples of what the lecture series may be running through the event. You want to make sure your business cards are handy but never looking like a quick draw.

I highly recommend for anyone to always carry a bag to these events. A coat or jacket will not be sufficient pockets. Just because they provide a fabric gift bag when you check in- these often get in the way of handshakes and greetings. For longer multi-lecture events having your laptop can be handy but heavy. Going for the alternative notebook allows for quick notetaking without distractions or heavy charge cables. The worst you would have to worry about is a cable + battery pack for your mobile phone.

Our recommendations to have for your next conference.

  • Easy Slip Open Bag No fussy flaps or zippers, quickly tuck away items for less awkward handshakes and better conversation.
  • Business Cards
  • Empty Paper Folder For loose flyers and strange sized pamphlets
  • Notepad & Pen A hardback notebook for easy writing while standing.
  • Battery + Power Cord
  • Lighter A great conversation starter for outside during the food truck rush.

Major conferences include the State of Cannabis, MJBizCon, and Canna-tech UK.

High Times Cannabis Cup held in multiple cities & countries across the world from California to Jamaica and even Amsterdam.

Cannabis Festivals

The face of what a cannabis festival has evolved over the years. There are, however many specific events that do reoccur across state lines & country borders. More often than not- you're going to be attending an event in a large location (racetracks, stadiums & fields) where maintaining tight control of your person is essential.

Fanny packs are vital for the hot summer days and busy traffic of bodies transcending the festivities. Keeping your basic valuables at a quick grab makes it much more of a relief keeping track.

During many festivals there is music entertainment. Having an umbrella for the sun, a blanket for the grass, a hat & sunnies makes relaxation at the concerts far easier. Have a backpack that is comfy on your shoulders when you sweat, leather & plastic may not always be the best options. Most events will have free water bottle refill stations and sometimes even VIP bags provide their own sponsored water bottles (but don't count on it! Bottled water often gets priced starting at $3 even at the most main stream event.)

When consuming cannabis, keeping your body hydrated & not overheating makes the experience so much better. Alongside taking care of your body, protective measures like knowing about first aid stations and security check points are important. Too heavy of a hit or dab will leave your body in a different state so know your exit points.

Our recommendations to have for your next festival.

  • Backpack
  • Fanny Pack
  • Hand Wipes For the quick bites to eat or too many weed covered high fives.
  • Water Bottle Avoid glass, many venues are now not allowing them.
  • Umbrella The best protection from the sun is by completely blocking it.
  • Hat
  • Battery + Power Cord
  • Towel/Blanket
  • Mouth Peace

Popular cannabis themed festivals across the globe include: High Times Cannabis Cup, Spannabis, Expo Weed.

Medicated Peach Pie by Big Rock Farms from Humbolt, featured at the Emerald Exchange.

Cannabis Farmers Market

Farmer's markets are popping up in every neighborhood from Vancouver to San Diego. Often filled with local vendors with smaller booths and limited product available. The legality of these events are very temporal. When invited to these events due diligence is advised. Check the location, legality and reputability of the hosts. Raids with police have happened and you can't always hope for the best.

When you are attending a cannabis farmer's market, it is almost always advised to carry a few empty hard shell containers for bringing home samples or special products gifted. The cannabis community is full of generosity. Sometimes you get handed a free joint and in order to drive home safe, you stash it for later- unfortunately a pocket can ruin the joint but a doob tube might be your best option. Jars, medtainers or stash boxes that are airtight help preserve your fresh product.

  • Clean Small Hard Sided Containers Multi functional for joints, bud, kief etc
  • Smell proof/Zipper closed bags For stashing all of your goods in your backpack or purse.
  • Your Rec Always bring your Rec in a medical state

Local cannabis farmers market include: the Emerald Exchange, and The Green Market.

The Alchemy Lounge in Los Angeles, where they hosting the inaugural Latinos for Cannabis Tapas & Buds event.

Smoke Lounge

In certain cities across the globe you can actually visit a smoke lounge or coffee shop then purchase your cannabis to consume on-site. Depending on the event or day you are going, there are some small pocketable items I would advise on. If you don't have your torch & dab rig on you- having a mouthpiece for sharing bongs & rigs cant prevent germs. Having cash on hand is great, similar to bars & nightclubs paying a quick tab is not always available for cards. Your dab-tender will thank you.

  • Personal Smoking Device Sometimes you have the opportunity to rent equipment, sometimes it is just best to bring back up.
  • Mouth Peace Protect yourself always.
  • Small Wallet
  • Mint/Mouthdrops For Dry Mouth

Smoke lounges and cannabis coffee shops include: Cannabis Culture Lounge, HQ Barcelona, and Dampkring

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