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Headshop is Closed, We're Banned from Credit Cards for Cannabis

You guys, I have been stretched to my limit.

We’ve been struggling for the past few weeks to find a replacement credit card processor for our online headshop, and every single service has denied us because of weed. I’ve been to PayPal, Authorize, Stripe, Square, Clover, WePay, FuturePay, PayStand, and every other fucking variation of the words “Pay” – and every single website was super cool with me – until I linked them to my weed website And I didn’t even link them to “WeedPornDaily”, cause you know, I get why someone might freak out. Nah man, I link them our professional media company that is the umbrella company over WPD and they still deny us. I’ve tried emailing and calling reps from the companies back and forth for a week or so now, and I’ve just been jerked around, lied to, and flat-out denied every time. All I want to do is sell weed socks online. I’m not selling actual weed, I’m not a criminal with a record, I’m literally being singled out simply because my website has the word “weed” or “cannabis” on it. I even removed all the rolling papers and paraphernalia from the site, ensuring there’s only clothing and accessories, and we still can’t get approved. Because of this, we’ve been forced to close our headshop, possibly permanently. If we can’t take payments, we can’t run a shop. I’m going to start researching BitCoin as a revenue source, but honestly I’d prefer not to jump through that extra hoop. Money is tight as it is, and the last thing I need are funds wrapped in imaginary money that takes time to convert to real cash. If you can, please support us through our Patreon, it’s literally the last place that you guys can toss a few dimes at us. Supporting on us Patreon keeps this website alive – meaning more StonerSundays, more weed porn, more cannabis news, more videos and livestreams, and all the other crazy cannabis related stuff we produce. Thank you guys for all your support over the years. I will never stop making WeedPornDaily a real business, despite all the hurdles society places in front of us, and we’ll keep kicking ass and taking names as long as we’re breathing dank air. Stay regular super stoners~ Grouch via our Tumblr http://ift.tt/2lA5xgr

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