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M-Box Review - Monthly Cannabis Subscription Service

We review the M-Box, a monthly subscription service that delivers cannabis and smoking related products to your door every month for $96. You can also buy any of the products you see in a box in their online store, so any of this weed can be delivered individually if you like it that much. For more info go to Delivery weed to your front door. It isn’t a necessarily new concept, but the M-Box does it in a unique way. They’re the first subscription box service I’ve seen to offer cannabis as their primary included product. I’ve seen bongs, pipes, papers, and everything else inside other subscription boxes, but I’ve only seen maybe one other company actually include cannabis. The stoners over at M-Box put together a pretty polished product. It's discreet, classy, and high quality. Let’s get into it. I received the April edition M-box, which was filled with a 4 gram sampler of 4 different strains by Lola Lola, 2 separate grams from Gold Seal, a RAW rolling box, RAW organic papers, a Shine papers preroll, a Lola Lola lighter, and munchies. For a cost of $96 per month, I was pretty surprised by how much value was packed into the box. 6 grams of bud at a local dispensary, buying them 1 gram at a time, would run me $15-20, depending on the dispensary. Assuming they’re $20 each, for 6 grams you’d pay $120, already 30% more of the price of the box. That’s not to mention the papers, RAW rolling box, lighter, and munchies. Especially those Shine papers man, they run $14+. Obviously if I took $96 to the dispensary I might be able to spend it more frugally, maybe buying only one strain in bulk, or taking advantage of a limited time deal, but for what you’re getting — it’d be pretty hard to get something equally priced on your own. And all these prices are considering you’re purchasing from a dispensary. Let’s not forget this is delivery weed. If I were to buy 6 separate grams from a delivery service, it’d definitely be $20 a gram, and I wouldn’t get as high of quality. Let’s talk about the box for a second. I mentioned how you get 6 grams of weed and a bunch of goodies for $96, but I never mentioned the actual packaging of the M-Box. You get a discreet, nondescript cardboard box in the mail which opens up to a box wrapped in paper and sealed with wax stamp of their owl logo. You pull that open to reveal what looks like a classy book you’d find in a university or private library shelf. The book is a stash box, containing the weed and products, and is disguised to look like a big black encyclopedia style book. The book itself incredibly well made, I’ve taken graphic design and even bookmaking courses and I can tell you from professional experience that this book takes a lot of care and money to make. The side of the book features their debossed owl logo and logotype, as well a pseudo book spine with the words Vol. 3 and GROW appearing like a book title. The front of the stash box features their logo again, centered with their full logotype, in the middle of an debossed geometric pattern. The sides of the stash box are printed gold to look like the gold sheen from the bottoms of pages. The stash box opens up with a magnetic clasp to reveal all your products nestled in a comfortable black filler fuzz. The inside cover of the book is also printed gold with a menu of the included products, which resembles the menu at a fine restaurant or winery. And included is also a letter on a thick stock paper with their wax seal, a subtle cannabis print in the background, and a classy serif font. Everything just oozes class and high quality. Nothing feels cheap and it all adds to the inherent value. You feel like a king opening up one of these boxes. The box alone could add another $10-20 to the price easily. Let’s talk nugs. The strains that came in the box were pretty solid man. The 2 grams from Gold Seal, the Gold Seal Glue and Tropikal Cookies, were the most impressive samples of the bunch. They were dense, frosty, and potent. Easily top shelf. I was a fan of the packaging as well, it was very simple but very polished. The 4 gram sampler from Lola Lola was also fairly solid, but not quite as high quality. We received Cherry Pie, Tangie, Sunset Sherbet, and Lemon OG. The buds seemed like they were grown outdoor, so they weren’t as frosty, dense, and smelled kinda woody. Surprisingly though they all smoked very well. Each was smooth and fairly flavorful. My favorite was the Cherry Pie, it was an amazing all around high, great for pain, anxiety, and mellowing out intense highs. It was perfect for mixing with all the other strains. The packaging of the Lola Lola sampler was really stunning as well, it set it apart from any other cannabis product I’ve ever bought. The long rectangular box is covered head to toe in a psychedelic, overly saturated, surreal 3D artwork. On the back of the box is a sticker with each of the 4 strains, their description (high, effects, indica/sativa/hybrid, etc), and even featured the primary terpenoid of each strain, letting you know what effects each terpene elicits. It was pretty cool to see each strain broken down like that, it made it much easier to pick what I wanted to smoke depending on what I needed in the moment (bright uplifting sativa, a heavy stone before bed, etc). The box slides out into four separate compartments, each with a plastic bag containing a gram. The buds may have not been stellar, but the packaging sure as hell made up for it. The products themselves were pretty solid and all great name brands. It’s nice to receive legit RAW and particularly Shine products. Like I said before, those Shine gold papers go for $14 a preroll, and like $10 a paper. It’s something I’d never buy from a headshop, but when it comes in a box essentially for free? I’m down. The munchies were a nice addition, I always appreciate something to satiate the appetite I accrue from smoking. And the munchies in this particular box were dried mango, which contain myrcene, a terpene also found in cannabis that’s been reported to increase the potency of your high. It’s a nice touch, goes beyond simply throwing in some sugar worms or some shit. It had some thought put into it. Overall I was incredibly satisfied with this box. From the classy packaging, to the quality cannabis, to the great value, it’s hard to knock this subscription box. Considering I can spend upwards of $100-200 on cannabis a week just buying eighths, quarters, and grams of hash — I can easily see a stoner dropping $96 a month to guarantee themselves a good amount of ganja. It’s a great way to diversify your dank, particularly if you’re a new smoker and want to sample a lot of different strains and brands. This subscription is available for any medical marijuana patient anywhere in California, just head over to their website ( and send them your doctor’s recommendation to get started. I’m not sure if it’s standard, but I had mine shipped overnight via Golden State Express, a fast and affordable shipping service here in Cali. I have little, if any qualms with the service at all, this honestly is the first product I’d give a solid 10/10 to. With the product they offer at the price they offer, I really can’t see it getting any better without being more expensive. They’ve taken what they can work with and stretched it a mile, it’s really amazing to see what the tokers at M-Box were able to put together. Stay regular super stoners~