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KosherJack by @Pearl_Pharma Review

I was generously gifted this batch of KosherJack from @Pearl_Pharma at the Compassesh 1-year anniversary. The dude spotted me walking around, ran over, said he knew about WeedPornDaily, and handed me these frosty bomb ass buds to review. I popped open the jar on the spot and just became overwhelmed with sweet, pineapple, Jack terps blasting out of the container. He whispered “It tested at 4% terps…” and disappeared into a thicket of mature cannabis trees. I stood dumbfounded for a moment, realizing I had some dank shit to take back to the bong and percolate on.

Super frosty, huge meaty nugs despite being sativa dominant and displaying sativa qualities. Really had a lot of Jack Herer influence in the nug structure, you can just look at it and tell it lineage. Green, vibrant, healthy looking. Caked in trichomes from head to toe. Slightly sticky but crispy at first, cured to a perfect state in a day or two.

The high was fantastic. If there were ever two strains I’d want mixed it’s these two. Jack Herer is my go-to pick-me-up sativa that helps relieve my pain and anxiety, while offering energy and creativity. Then there’s Kosher Kush, which is an excellent hybrid that offers all around medicating for pain, anxiety, stress, headaches, etc. Both together are a harmonious expression of everything a sativa should be. This is one of those strains I can smoke and smoke and smoke - and never feel overwhelmed by the weed. No panic attacks, no crazy heart feelings, nothing. It gives you the crazy coffee like boost of a sativa without the common pitfalls of the cerebral stone (panic, anxiety, overstimulation, etc).

When they told me that this batch tested at around 4% terps, they weren’t kidding. Popping open the smell proof pouch erupts a sweet cacophony of pineapple, fruit, and lemongrass that leaves your mouth literally salivating from the potency of the pungency. And the terp train doesn’t stop at your nose, you get the entire flavor experience through the smoke as well. Every hit was just filled with awesome Jack-heavy pineapple flavor. I didn’t get too much of the Kosher’s signature pickle taste.

One of the finest samples of flowers we’ve received in a while, from the genetics to the growth down to the trim job. It was an absolute pleasure to smoke any time of the day and became my go-to sativa for kickstarting my mornings. I was disheartened to see the nugs dwindle, but I’ll be happy to support Pearl Pharms and buy some more of their bomb ass buds. I give this strain a 9/10. There’s little to improve here, and I’m sure these guys are way ahead of me with their attention to detail.