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Grapefruit by SuperClinik Review

Have you ever seen a nug that looks like it has holes all over it? Like the entire surface was covered in these craters, each excised from the presence of an unknown spherical entity. Upon closer inspection, you find one of the alien beings still crammed in his crevice, brown and round. You pry it out and apply flame to it and find it pops upon heating! What inspired this mad prose about scrupulous seedy buds? The strain’s name was Grapefruit, from the Super Clinik in Santa Ana. These were stressed out buds. Upon a quick glance at the dispensary, and even a cursory look at home, the nugs seem fine. But upon closer inspection the nugs show signs of stress. Their color is a faded green, more brown, with bits of white. The leaves and nug bits themselves were looking raggedy. Ok cure. Little on the dry side. Ok sized nugs. And the scariest part of all? The horror hole syndrome that triggers all kinds of skin crawling sensations every time I take notice of it on a nug. All the nugs, some more than others, were covered in holes that appear to look like enlarged pores in human skin. The holes are places are seeds either grew or tried to develop. Surprisingly I didn’t find a single seed in this batch, but there were plenty of holes everywhere. Despite the lack of seeds, the sheer sign of this kind of growth indicates the bud wasn’t focusing it’s attention on resin production, it was diverting power to make seeds. Smells and tastes bad. At the dispensary it caught the attention of my nose because it stood out from the other more familiar profiles (pineapple, OG, etc). It had a certain funk to it that I hadn’t smelled before. Once I got it home and jarred it up though, it started to smell like straight up outdoor. There’s a certain aroma to outdoor buds, and this thing reeked of it. The only way I can describe the odor is if you imagine the smell of a dry, dusty room — but outside instead of inside. Not appealing taste wise to smoke, and barely improved by vaporizing. Not sure if I can blame the strain or genetics as much as the end product and grower. Decent hybrid high. Slightly more sativa dominant. Induces paranoia and anxiety at high doses. Wasn’t a fan of the high too much. Makes you feel relaxed with altered senses. Lots of changes to your senses causes panic, paranoia, and anxiety. Good strain for chilling and relaxing with homies at home, not so much one to go adventuring with or cope with a stressful job. Gets you pretty high the first time, little hit or miss after that. Overall just a really weak product this week. There were way better looking and smelling buds in the same price range, and I’ve gone back to Super Clinik and picked up even cheaper weed that blows this one out of the water. A real miss in nearly every department, from the stressed looking nugs to the harsh smell and flavor, the only redeeming quality is that the weed smokes and got me somewhat high. Not a strain I’d recommend to a lot of people, and definitely wouldn’t recommend picking up this batch.